Dentistry’s Social Stars – One of our Cosmetic Dentists Mentioned on The List

Dentistry’s Social Stars

Back in September 2021, compiled a list of some of cosmetic dentistry’s top influencers in a bid to celebrate their efforts in educating other professionals and the public. Let’s not forget to mention that one of our excellent dentists was featured on the list.

The excellent Dr Sam Jethwa was praised in the listing for educating the public on both the emotional and clinical aspects of cosmetic dentistry, something he feels very passionate about.

Top influential dental social stars

From viral videos to their work on class-A clinic cases, the following dental professionals have been mentioned for their array of content as well as loyal followings.

Dr Sam Jethwa – @dr.samjethwa

talented dentist dr sam jethwa

Dr Sam Jethwa is known for creating and teaching smile makeovers; through the visual nature of Instagram, Dr Jethwa can display his work to a broader audience.

On Instagram, he shows patients how both he and his team can help them and educate the broader community of cosmetic dentists by sharing complex cases and techniques he uses.

Dr Jethwa strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to have all the knowledge they can and uses his significant social media presence of 18,000 followers to get his message across.

This can be extremely helpful for patients who can learn what to expect before they set foot in the dentist chair or before dentists embark on training with him.

Sam comments:‘‘Other than a vertical line of before and afters on my Instagram grid, I want viewers to share my journey. I use a combination of video content on IGTV and reels, both professional and personal.” Working with partners, and collaborators within the dental sectors and sharing day to day life in the clinics is what I hope displays a” “real-life” version of what it is truly like to be me.”

smile makeover by dr sam jethwa

What does Dr Jethwa specialise in?

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So who else made the list?

Hassan Asad – @thebeardedtoothfairy

Dr Asad uses his page to share his cases and discuss clinical tips he picks up through his experience.

Nina Bal – @drninafacialsculpting

Multi-award winner Nina features in many UK publications and television programmes. Starting first as a cosmetic dental surgeon and moving into facial aesthetics, Nina has now refined her business to encompass both.

Simon Chard – @drsimonchard

For Dr Chard, social media showcases his passions; dentistry, health, fitness and photography. According to Dr Chard, Instagram has become a great place to show patients who you are as a person, the values you represent and the level of work you provide.

George Cheetham – @georgethedentist

Dr Cheetham started his online journey with the idea of attracting more patients to his practice. Whilst thinking and posting what he thought the patient might want to see; he quickly realised that he enjoyed posting more about restorative dentistry.

Jana Denzel – @doctor.denzel

Dr Denzel uses his social media to spread positive and inspirational messages that boost his followers” self-esteem and confidence. His social media page educates patients and provides them with the correct information to make better decisions about their treatments.

View the complete list of those mentioned here.

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