How is Alcohol damaging your Teeth and Gums?

Most People Are Unaware Of The Damaging Effects Of Alcohol on Oral Health

A survey has revealed that only 16% of people have thought about the harmful effects alcohol may be having on their teeth and gums, reports Dentistry Today.

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Dental experts believe that drinking just one glass of wine per day could lead to problems with oral health.

Many popular alcoholic drinks contain large amounts of sugar, which – combined with the acidity of most beverages – can lead to softening of the tooth’s enamel.

When the enamel weakens, teeth are more likely to become damaged by bacteria.

Champagne and sparkling wines are two obvious culprits, so dentists advise to opt for a flat drink to allow the teeth to have a break from the carbon dioxide, which is acidic.

Dr Henry Clover, deputy chief dental officer at a UK clinic, says that adding ice to a drink, for example, can help to dilute the detrimental effects.

Drinking water between drinks may also help to reduce some of the adverse by-products that may linger on the teeth.

In addition, those who enjoy a glass or two also need to be wary of staining on the teeth.

Drinks which are deeper in colour – red wine being the obvious one – can begin to cause a real problem for those who go in search of the perfect smile.

If teeth become stained, it can start to be removed by attentive brushing and teeth whitening treatments. However, it’s important not to over-brush, as it can lead to further removal of the enamel.

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