Fluoridated Water Has Dental Health Benefits

Wales Has No Current Plans To Fluoridate Water Despite Health Benefits

Smile Makeover from Perfect Smile 2017The Welsh government does not have plans to add fluoride to tap water, but the health benefits of such a move will continue to be examined.

The issue will be reviewed at a later stage, according to chief dental officer David Thomas.

It is generally believed that fluoridation of drinking water could improve public dental health, strengthening dental enamel and preventing tooth decay.

However, adding fluoride in water also has its critics, who claim that this would lead to “mass medication” and argue that long-term health impacts remain unknown.

Speaking at the National Assembly’s Health and Social Care Committee, Thomas said that the issue had been discussed with Welsh health minister Mark Drakeford.

He confirmed that the government does not fully rule out the possibility of future action, Wales Online reported.


There are financial and political issues that could prevent the implementation of a fluoridation programme.

However, due to present scientific evidence proving that fluoride can improve the nation’s dental health and cut dental health care costs, the issue will be kept under review, he said.

One of the biggest advantages of fluoridation is that is can have an effect on every single member of the population and could work equally well for the better-off and the deprived, who are the least likely to have access to dental care.

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