Number Of Welsh Children With Fillings Doubles In Four Years

Before Dentistry with Perfect SmileLatest statistics released by the Welsh government have raised concerns over the state of children’s dental health, as figures show that more children need professional treatment, such as fillings.

Figures show that in 2012/2013, the number of babies and children younger than five years old who had fillings or sealant restoration was twice as high as the numbers recorded in 2008/2009.

Four years ago, 505 babies and children went through such treatment, while this year the number soared to 1,080. Similarly, the number of children aged between five and 15 who received one or both of these treatments also rose over the same period, reaching 15,487, up on 10,827 in 2008/2009, Wales Online reported.

According to Welsh dental health professionals, much of the increase in dental problems among children can be put down to nutrition choices. For example, parents often give toddlers and babies smoothies thinking that they are healthy, but in fact, such products contain a lot of sugar. Often, it is due to a lack of knowledge from parents on how they should look after their child’s teeth, as well as not getting into a brushing routine.

Nutritionists and dental experts explain that between the ages of two and four, children start to form their preferences for food. That is why if children get used to sugary drinks and foods, it will be extremely difficult for them to give it up in the future.


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According to new research by the University of Manchester, one in ten British children at the age of five have a filling and about two in five have tooth decay.

However, many dental experts claim there is no need to fill milk teeth unless they cause pain or discomfort, as they will fall out anyway.