Oral health benefits of cosmetic dentistry – straighter teeth can lead to a healthier you?

Just the word ‘cosmetic’ makes us think that cosmetic dentistry has solely aesthetic benefits.

While cosmetic dentistry typically involves enhancing the appearance of your smile – colour, position, shape, size and alignment of your teeth – cosmetic dentistry can also be essential to improving the functionality and optimisation of your oral health. 

If you do suffer from severely crooked teeth, the reality is – this may not just be a cosmetic dental issue. Crooked teeth саn affect уоur oral health. 

Just аѕ decayed оr cracked teeth саn саuѕе оthеr oral health problems like headaches, jaw pain, аnd periodontal disease, crooked teeth саn lead to these ѕаmе issues. 

Read more about connections between oral bacteria and colitis here. 

One way to ensure healthy teeth аnd gums is bу having thеѕе cosmetic dental issues corrected promptly by a dentist you trust.

Solving uneven-bite issues

If your teeth don’t align properly and you suffer from bad bite issues, this can make chewing food a challenge and may even cause speech difficulties. 

These are the kind of issues that become increasingly worse if left untreated, for example, your teeth may be grinding against each other when you chew. 

Treatments that correct these issues such as Invisalign braces and tooth implants can improve a patient’s ability to eat properly again, talk and live better.

What about pain?

Many patients fear that treatment will be painful. However, it is true that the benefits of having cosmetic dentistry treatment far outweigh any negatives such as discomfort.

You are not alone if you suffer from dental anxiety because you are scared of the pain.

At The Perfect Smile we do all we can to ensure patients feel comfortable and can overcome some of their fears. Here are some tips to overcome your anxieties.

Cosmetic dental care such as teeth whitening is virtually painless.

It is important that patients speak of their concerns so that our dentists can offer treatments that provide a pain-free experience and suggest ways that produce quick recovery time.

Caring for your teeth…

Also, if you have nice, straight, white teeth, it is likely that you are simply more inclined to care for them.

You are more inclined to be careful about your coffee and red wine consumption, and to brush, floss and have check-ups regularly – which will lead to greater overall health. 

After all – if you’ve gone to all the effort of improving your smile you are going to want the effects to last a lifetime!