How To Deal With Yellowish Teeth

Yellowish teeth can have a serious impact on one’s confidence.

There are cases when this problem appears even when all recommended steps for good oral health are followed. The problem may be caused by a number of factors, including genetics.

Whitening Treatment by Perfect Smile

While yellowish teeth do not necessarily mean that teeth are not healthy, this can still be considered a big aesthetic problem.

Sometimes, it is caused by genetic factors, which make teeth enamel very thin and the dentin structure becomes visible underneath the surface.

Dentin is the part of the tooth below the enamel and its colour is yellow.

This problem can be solved by choosing dental veneers, which will add strength to the tooth structure and will result in a beautiful white smile.

However, the cause of a yellowish smile can only be determined by a dentist.

Very often, stained teeth are the result of consuming too much coffee, black tea, red wine or foods with a high concentration of sugar.

These factors lead to a deterioration of the natural protective layer of teeth.

The best way to prevent teeth staining is to consume such foods in moderate amounts and to strictly follow all rules for dental health.

Smoking is another serious cause of yellowish teeth.

A dentist can find out whether the problem is caused by external factors, like staining foods, or by enamel erosion and recommend the most appropriate treatment.


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