Extreme Makeovers Without the Extreme

When the UK Living TV first brought out the Extreme Makeover series, we were all ecstatic and excited to appear as the main dentists on the show.

However, since that first launch and TV debut, much has changed within dentistry. Your questions answered.

Nowadays, smile makeovers are constructed without the “Extreme” part in mind. Instead, creating your perfect smile is more about conservative and innovative new minimal cosmetic dentistry techniques. Find out the cost of a smile makeover.

The skill is in creating the optimal treatment plan that uses the most preservative techniques and systems. However, the aim is still to create a natural looking stunning smile makeover.

What people are looking for in their New Smile?

  • A healthy-looking smile. This sends messages about your general health. People believe dark and stained teeth to be a sign of bad health. Even children recognize those clean white teeth are the way teeth are supposed to be as is often evident from their drawings.
  • Straighter teeth. Crooked and rotated teeth tend to obscure your facial symmetry. A crooked smile unbalances your facial features.
  • A symmetrical smile. This represents the ideal perfect smile and exhibits a harmony in your face.
  • Whiter teeth. This is often secondary to a symmetrical smile but a whiter smile can mask a whole host of discrepancies in your smile. And its so easy to get done!
  • A wide smile full of laughter. This is one of the key things others notice. It portrays a fun personality and confidence. A great smile should stretch to the back teeth.

So, if you want to get back on the dating arena and want that little something extra about you, then look towards getting yourself your new smile. Let the real you come out with confidence.

Here are techniques you might like to consider:

  • Short Term Orthodontics for adults

This includes treatments such as six month smiles and invisalign. These techniques employ inconspicuous braces or plates that move teeth in a short space of time. Click here.

They are great for adults who are seeking only enhancements but are generally happy with the rest of their teeth. It is a great technique to use in combination with teeth whitening systems. More information.

  • Ultrathin Veneers

This type of treatment involves no or very minimal drilling of sound tooth tissue and hence no anaesthetic injections. Discover ultrathin veneers.

This is a great treatment for those patients who are looking for the ultimate but not extreme smile enhancement.

  • Dental Implants

This falls into the conservative group of treatments because they do not involve the neighbouring teeth to a missing tooth gap. Hence, the treatment is only in the area of the missing tooth. See: The advantages of dental implants in both our London & Hertfordshire practices.

Previously, in most cases, heavy preparation was needed on neighboring teeth to create bridgework. Dental implants are great solutions for missing teeth.

  • Micro-Aesthetics

This is a group of treatments that involve carefully contouring or shaping the teeth to give the illusion of straighter teeth.

It can also involve bonding (adhesive dentistry) to add small restorations to help conform teeth shape. This is very minimal dentistry but gives great results.

Dentists with special interests in smiles makeovers.

These days it is not very difficult to achieve your smile goals using very little invasive dentistry. Our team will be happy to provide some viable solutions to your specific requirements. We create unique customised programs for your specific needs.

To discuss these concepts further, or to take advantage of your complimentary consultation, please call us on  01992 552115 .

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A fantastic new study conducted by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has made some interesting revelations. They have discovered that your smile can actually be your greatest asset!

Also, it can be one feature of your aging self that can defy the natural regression. What makes a person’s smile look youthful and full of vitality? If you want to look 10 years younger your smile could be your secret key. Why is your perfect smile so important?


These days the ‘ideal’ when it comes to stunning smiles seems to be set around the “Hollywood Smile” that often consists of perfectly straight unnatural-looking teeth set between full plum lips.

However, achieving successful results and smile makeovers with your dentist in one of our practices in London, Hertfordshire, and Essex has never been easier until now.