Perfect Smile Obsessed Celebs!

How much are image obsessed celebrities affected by their smiles?

Multiple studies have now proven that a bad smile has a direct consequence on self-confidence and self –esteem. However, for those that are constantly in the public eye, this must be a point of serious contention.

Your dentist in London will tell you that enhancement dentistry is now so widely available for both the general public and celebrities alike that it seems like having the perfect smile seems to have taken center stage.

Smile makeover from Perfect Smile Studios London

How does our smile affect our lives?

Living in such an image conscious and obsessed industry has led to some of the famous faces who once had stained, missing, crooked, gappy and gummy smiles enduring a complete transformation. Other celebs have embraced certain discrepancies and amalgamated them with their personalities like TV star Alan Carr for instance.

The question is, do celebrities need the perfect smile to be more accepted on the silver screen and in the media or is being happy as they are just as good? Do they really need the dentist overhaul? Visit our London Studios to see how we can makeover your smile.

A recent study carried out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that 74% adults feel that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s career. This makes it statistically more relevant for the film industry.

The smile is actually the focal point of a face that helps to frame and can completely change a person’s appearance. The smile is the first thing anyone looks at when they see a person’s face and hence becomes a memorable facet of the personality.

So, if a celebrity were to have crooked, stained or generally unattractive smile it would require considerably more effort on talent and skill to make it to Hollywood success.

It would certainly benefit a rising star to have that gleaming perfect smile with nice white straight teeth to create a box office draw.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, former celebrity dentist, Dr. Rahul Doshi revealed the importance of his work on people in the media, “I have found that creating a perfect smile that really suits a particular face can do wonders for a person’s self-confidence. And I have found this to be absolutely true of celebrities too. A great smile just seems to work magic on people transforming them into the people they want to be. It has an amazing effect!”

Dawn French and her amazing new look

The Vicar of Dibley star has lost 3 stones since her divorce from Lenny Henry and she looks like a new woman.

This situation got me thinking about people’s efforts to help themselves after traumatic times in their lives such as divorce, loss or passing away of loved ones. Quite often I see patients who after having gone through such trying times in their lives want and yearn for a change. They seem to crave a fresher newer and more fulfilling outlook on life. It is at this time that the personal trainers, long chain of grueling diets promising fast results, dental surgeons and dentists become part of an armamentarium to fight against “finding” oneself again.

“I’m not saying that this what has caused Dawn French to lose her weight but it has got me thinking about how emotional pain can give way to self-improvement and re-discovering of our self. And I think that when people use the negative energy of their lives and transform it into a positive existence, then that’s amazing in its self. It shows a yearning for self-respect and survival. So well done to all those people out there making themselves feel better about their self.”

We can help to transform your smile into a stunningly beautiful show of happiness. I know from experience and all my work with Extreme Makeover UK, how life-changing a stunning natural looking and totally “you” smile can be for a person. It can literally make you look and feel 10 Years Younger.

Book in for your complimentary consultation and see how you too can experience this magical change in your smile.

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The perfect smile – a possibility or a pipe dream The UK’s ambivalence to cosmetic dentistry has earned us the reputation of being dental dinosaurs and we have fast become the butt of many a joke by our teeth and smile obsessed American counterparts.

However, you will be pleased to hear our attitude is changing and changing fast.


Great looking teeth tends to increase your self-confidence because it is the one aspect you show off to the world and the most looked at part of your face.

Having that knowledge that your teeth look amazing follows through into supporting your self-esteem and hence self-confidence.

In fact, cosmetic studies have shown that a whopping 89% of people seek out cosmetic smile enhancements in order to increase physical attractiveness to increase their self-esteem.