Has Miley Cyrus had her teeth done?

Once again we embark on our journey assessing celebrity smiles. Celebrities actually have a great influence on everyday lives with wannabe’s copycatting some or all aspects of their style. And people actually look to these celebs for “what’s new?”

When it comes to their most noticeable feature – their smiles – they seem to have explored multiple aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Some like Tom Cruise have opted for teeth straightening systems like six month smiles before any veneer work. This tells us a lot about his approach to dentistry – conservative! Since he opted to reposition his teeth in a more aligned arch before having simple veneer work done.


Miley Cyrus is another celebrity that falls for a more conservative approach in dentistry, however, she does look as if she has had some extensive porcelain work done especially on her front six teeth. Her teeth are much whiter than previously. She also seems to have elongated the appearance of her teeth – most probably using gum surgery using lasers. This is a really simple and easy treatment that can be done along side veneer work in dentistry. This is especially a useful procedure for those people who have a “gummy” smile as Miley had before her smile work. Your dentist can help you with the various options to solve a gummy smile that would be appropriate for you.

One discrepancy which is quite revealing in Miley’s smile is that her smile seems restricted to the front six teeth and her side teeth seem to become hidden when she smiles, almost as if they have become squashed in. This is known as the “buccal corridor” and is one of the main reasons why a full smile makeover considers at least 10 front teeth to create the full smile giving a better smile even from a side view. In Miley’s smile, her “fangs” become more noticeable because she only had six teeth treated.

Despite these little discrepancies Miley still looks wonderful. She has a natural looking smile rather than the perfect bright white Hollywood smile.

If you are looking for a change in your smile such as any of the following: whiter teeth, longer teeth, fuller smile, dental implants, more even smile or simply straighter teeth, then there are options available for you. The most important thing is to understand what you are trying to achieve in your new smile. Do you want a simple improvement such as whiter teeth with some minor tooth form change as in a mini-makeover or do you require a more perfect smile?

We can help you answer many questions and create treatment options that can suit your objectives exactly. We do this via our customized treatment programs.

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Dr. Rahul Doshi was the Clinical Advisor to BILD (British Institute of Laser Dentistry ) At The Perfect Smile Studios, we are proud to be one of the very few practices in the country that offer the many benefits of laser dentistry and it is increasingly becoming a popular choice for patients.