The Future of Cosmetic Dentistry at the National Young Dentist Foundation

Dr & Dr Doshi of The Perfect Smile Studios 2017

Perfect Smile Studios are proud to be speaking at the National Young Dentist Foundation

The National Young Dentist Foundation is an organisation that represents the needs and requirements of young dentists who are newly placed on the path of a career in dentistry. It aims to provide clarity and direction with high quality and innovative advice from key opinion leaders in the industry.

Both Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi were excited to be invited to participate and be eminently involved with such an important progression in the dental industry. They believe that young dentists have multiple paths of opportunity to follow in dentistry but often the industry can be confusing, complicated and even intimidating to that first starting out. Dr. Doshi aimed to help the National Young Dentist Foundation by offering assistance to those who would like to reach their full potential.

This Saturday at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London, both Dr. Rahul Doshi, and Dr. Bhavna Doshi have started of by imparting knowledge about effective communication with patients. They have taught skills that will enable these young dentists to talk advice to patients in a layered manner so that patients understand the advice that is being considered. Also, they talked about how to care for patients in a way that makes dentistry comfortable especially for nervous patients.

Dr. Rahul Doshi said : “Often when dentists first step into the real world away from the university, they are inept at communication skills. Hence when giving advice to patients fail to understand our patients fully and fail to actively listen to them. This leads to advice without consideration or care for the patients.

I will be teaching how to communicate well to your patients so that the correct amount of information is shared and understood. This is invaluable to both dentists and patients alike because patients feel that they have been heard correctly and hence the dentist can provide appropriate options.

This leads to strong long term relationships with good long term dental stability for the patient”

We are proud to be part of such a progressive area of dentistry and feel confident that this will immensely help improve the care and service to patients as well as provide the vision for the dentists of our future.

Correct and informed communication is a vital standard set by the General Dental Council. This needs to be spread to the entire team, this forms one of the key components of ensuring that all patients are happy and satisfied. This is part of the ‘putting patients first” mantra we should follow.

Communications involve being clear in patients understanding the advantages and disadvantages of all treatments, know alternative options, being informed of the time plan and treatment fee for all treatment options. This is the cornerstone of informed consent.

These habits of effective communication should start early in the dental career of dentists, thus lecturing to young dentists on these concepts is a vital part of improving the ethos of all dentists.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we believe that customer care, correct communication and service is everything and part of customer care is the ability to listen to what our patients say and their needs. Only after fully understanding their requirements do we then create customised programs to suit the individual needs. We offer all treatment options including the latest dental techniques . For this reason we offer complimentary consultations that give the patient the opportunity to explore the various options available to them. We can help with veneers, single and multiple dental implants and adult orthodontic braces.