Before & After: Wendy T.

Wendy Veneers Before Wendy Veneers After

Broken, Discoloured & Chipped Teeth

Veneers are often widely recommended to treat a wide variety of cosmetic concerns. These include problems with chipped, broken, discoloured, narrow and worn teeth.

In cases where a tooth has become chipped or damaged, one veneer is often used to conceal the problem, where some patients require a full set of six to eight veneers to create an even and symmetrical smile without any teeth shaving.

Wendy wished to improve the overall appearance of her smile and eight veneers were applied to her existing teeth in the upper jaw.

Thin veneers such as Lumineers are Ultrathin tend to be more frequently used to cover slight problems like stains and discolouration.

Slightly thicker veneers are used to fix chips and breaks. However, composite resin veneers are often the recommended choice for repair options — and even these are recognised as very thin!

Once the composite veneers were applied, we were able to apply a teeth whitening agent to lighten the teeth to one matching shade – this was easily done due to the synthetic material of the veneer.