Before & After: Lucy J.

Lucy Veneers Before Lucy Veneers After

Veneers for Staining & Gaps

Here at the Perfect Smile, our veneer treatments are often prescribed to reduce minor and major teeth protrusions as well as closing the gaps between teeth at the same time.

Gappy smiles can often be perceived as not beautiful and can make patients feel insecure with their smile.

Whilst here at The Perfect Smile, we see the beauty in everything – we understand that discolouration, staining and even gaps can make a patient feel uncomfortable with their smile.

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We offer exclusive treatments to enhance the overall appearance and condition of the mouth to promote good oral health and durability.

In this case, the patient was experiencing problems with enamel and slight pockets that were beginning to form between her teeth.

Dental veneers were used to close the gap slightly and conceal the imperfections in her top incisors. In this instance, we used the Durathin brand.