Let Hertfordshire bring out your Perfect Smile

Blooming serendipitously in the southeast of England is the plush green historical county of Hertfordshire. This wonderful land exuberates the finest history and many hidden ethereal scarcities.

We thought it would be nice for you to have a little more information on the county and perhaps how you might like to make a day of it when visiting the Perfect Smile Studios. That way you can get your treatments in Hertfordshire and enjoy some stunning and picturesque surroundings.

Hertford was the original township of the region that is now called Hertfordshire. It was the area surrounding a fortress in the time of Edward the Elder in 913. In fact, the term Hertford comes of the Anglo-Saxon meaning for “deer crossing” namely, heort ford. Deer seems to be the main feature of Hertfordshire and is present in all its emblems.

A colourful carpet of bluebells amongst the straight trunks of the trees in Dockey Wood on the Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire

Some wonderful sights near the Prefect Smile Studios, which you might like to visit:

Aldenham Country Park

Comprising of 100 acres of parkland and a 60-acre lake, Aldenham Country Park offers a unique free-range outdoor experience. It is a conservation area consisting of wildlife, woodland experiences, nature trails, pony rides and a small animal farm. This can become a thoroughly enjoyable day out for all the family.

Hatfield House

The original home of Lord and Lady Salisbury, Hatfield House is one of the Treasure Houses of England. This makes it a must-see attraction. The surrounding park also offers historical relevance, since young Princess Elizabeth first heard her accession to the throne in a place marked by an oak tree. Visitors can enjoy many walks and woodland trails.  This is another great day out for the entire family or just a personal serene experience.

St. Albans Cathedral

This is an impressive cathedral representing the oldest place of continuous worship in Britain. The amazing wall paintings and the shrine of St. Alban are marked features to see. It’s a great way to spend your afternoon. The winter candlelit tour is also a must-see.

Knebworth House

Although this is one of England’s most regal stately homes, it is more famously known for its rock concerts and the home of novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton (who is said to have coined the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”). Again this is another important landmark in Hertfordshire.

Other places of interest include:

Ashridge Estate

Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum in Tring.

Garden’s of the Rose and Butterfly world in Chiswell Green

Hertford Museum

We hope you do come to visit us at the Perfect Smile Studios in Hertford and also enjoy experiencing the many wonders of Hertfordshire.

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The Perfect Smile Studios, set in the lush countryside of East Hertfordshire is a unique boutique practice in Hertford housing some of the best specialists in dentistry. It is their ethos that they provide beautiful natural smiles that are based on a healthy foundation.

Amongst this remarkable team is the highly acclaimed, award-winning leading UK Dental Surgeon, Dr. Sam Jethwa.


Our single most important feature is one we often pay little regard to – our smile!

In the UK we spend over £200 million a year on surgery or cosmetic dentistry in a bid to look younger, but we often forget about the benefits of having a healthy smile.