No Drill, No Needle Ultrathin Veneers

Natural-looking, ULTRA-thin Dental Veneers

A common phrase uttered by many new patients we talk to is “I’d love to have nice looking white teeth!”

The Perfect Smile Studios can make this happen.

By using simple, yet effective techniques paired with the latest and most innovative technology, we can make your wish come true without the need for local anaesthetic or pain.

Amazing smiles are now no longer for the rich and famous only.

We are able to carry out affordable procedures, which have made it possible for any patient or individual to achieve their dream of having nice-looking teeth with our specialist dentists.

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But for a lot of patients we meet, having a white, bright confident smile seems to feel like it’s out of their reach.

Studies have shown that the two things in dentistry that most patients are nervous about are the noise of the dentist’s drill and the dental injection. Well, now this worry can be a thing of the past.

Are you afraid of the dentist’s drill and the injections but dislike the shape and form of your teeth? Well now with the latest innovations in veneer technology, you can take years off your look without drilling your teeth or any injections.

Ultrathin Veneers, Durathin Veneers and Lumineers involve no drilling and no injections since no tooth is being cut.

This is great news for anyone who is nervous when visiting the dentist.

No Drill, No Needle Ultrathin Veneers

How do veneers play a part in dentistry?

The Perfect Smile Studios want you to know that almost anyone can achieve their dream in a manner that is comfortable and painless.

This is because there are so many treatments now available that fall under the umbrella of “cosmetic dentistry”.

Veneers happen to be a popular treatment and hence many people know about it.

Doctor Biju Krishan produces smiles and veneers without drilling. This new treatment requires special attention to detail; therefore only a dentist specifically trained in smile design, bite and occlusal analysis can carry out this procedure. Meet our dentists.

What are veneers and how can they benefit you?

Dental veneers are thin facings made out of hard plastics or porcelain that are stuck onto the outer surface of teeth. Find out the procedure.

Modern veneers, because of their high strength are extremely thin and in some instance, we can place veneers to improve a smile without any drilling and instead use a special bonding cement.

All veneer treatment that we provide is without any discomfort and are often painless because of the modern techniques, the care, the time we provide and our experience.

However, not everyone can achieve long-lasting results with this specific treatment and hence we need to assess your teeth and then customise the type of dentistry to match your needs and requirements.

One of the expert dentists, like Dr Sam Jethwa, will be able to examine your mouth and assess the oral state and condition of hygiene.

If no problems are identified we will able to move ahead with the treatment. However, if any issues are detected, no matter how minor, they will need to be addressed to ensure the success of your treatment. Click here.

Getting beautiful results without drilling your teeth has never been so easy to achieve as now.

New advances in dentistry allow for various techniques such as ultrathin veneers to make improvements to aspects of your smile you don’t like and keep the ones you do.

However, there are many other treatments that may be more suitable depending on your circumstances such as no preparation veneers, smile design treatments for smile makeovers, durathin veneers, immediate veneers and other dental veneers.

A great solution from The Perfect Smile: Ultrathin Veneers are now the favoured option for dentists and can are wafer-thin.

Dr. Rahul Doshi of The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute and eminently involved with Ultrathin Veneers said, “This technique has been created to increase the life of smile makeovers. It is a more conservative approach to improving smiles with no heavy tooth removal or drilling.”

Damage or drilling to teeth will always create a reduction in the life of the tooth.

If the drilling is only in enamel than life is significantly better for drilling into dentine.

Not only is dentine softer but it is alive tissue which has sensation. Also once drilling is within dentine the risk of root canal treatment increases as the proximity to the nerve has increased.

Also if drilling into dentine, the flexibility of the tooth increases;  with veneers being inflexible the risk of fracturing the veneers increases, hence the life of a new smile diminishes.

 Why are Ultrathin Veneers so good for Smile Design?

Traditional veneers require some trimming of the tooth surface and enamel prior to bonding but these latest ultra-thin options (commonly called ‘no-prep veneers’) leave the natural tooth structure intact. Find out more about dental veneers.

Before and after shots of veneer treatments in Hertfordshire

Corrective Dentistry with No Drilling and No Injections. Since no tooth structure is removed no drilling is required and hence no anaesthetic is required either.

Dentistry has been moving towards a more conservative approach for some time but now we have solutions that can enable tooth shape, form and colour to be changed producing some stunning makeovers.

However, it is critical for the mouth and teeth to be assessed very carefully and in detail to establish the appropriateness of this treatment.

Patients with small, worn or short teeth, with larger lips and with no decay wanting a more prominent smile form the ideal candidates as patients for this type of treatment.

 Beautiful smile makeovers made easy

Whichever type of dentistry you choose, it will have many applications. We use techniques in dentistry to create a smile makeover. For instance, you can have a type of veneers in smile makeovers for any of the following situations:

meet our expert dental staffThe process

Most of the time required is for the treatment planning stage since the exact width and shape of the new ultra-thin veneers need to be specifically calculated and the bite analysed.

Bite forces can be high and we need to ensure any form of restoration works in harmony with the bite. The suitability of having veneers and especially Ultrathin veneers will be assessed here.

This enables us to create a new smile design for your teeth. This then produces smiles that do not have excessive pressures on the teeth. It can often take between 1-2 weeks for completion.

However, another technique Dr Doshi uses was Immediate Direct Veneers that also produces similar results to Ultrathin with but can be done in a single appointment! View more information.

Also, Immediate Direct Veneers involves much less work and uses alternative material. This means the treatments can be very quick and affordable.

Because Dr Doshi produces customised smiles to suit your face and mouth, the cost of the Ultrathin Veneers treatment is dependent upon the treatment planning analysis. Click here.

There may be times when both techniques may involve minimal or minor tooth alteration. This can occur if the tooth needs to be made smaller in width or height, or if there is gentle crowding.

In this case, fine contouring of tooth may be required, which will be in enamel.

As enamel is not a live tissue, there should be no sensation or discomfort.

If moderate tooth reduction is required then pain-free local anaesthetic can be provided.

The time to make these adjustments should be no more the several minutes as this involves the precision adjustment of the tooth. The noise from the dental drill can be reduced with noise-cancelling headphones we provide, with the music of your choice to drown the noise and relax our patients.

The Advantages

  • No cutting or drilling your tooth structure

This is an excellent option if you don’t want your teeth to be drilled or to lose any tooth tissue and want a more conservative approach to obtaining a new smile.

In most cases, since very little tooth enamel is adjusted there is often no need for any injections. This means there is very little if any discomfort during the treatment procedure. This makes getting a new smile easy and comfortable.

  • Fantastic looking results

You can alter discrepancies in your smile and keep the aspects you like. This means you can end up with the perfect smile of your choice.

  • No sensitivity

The process is not as invasive as traditional teeth veneers and hence the new style ultrathin veneers are bonded to mostly enamel. This means that no dentine is exposed and hence there is no post-operative sensitivity.

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