How hating my smile for years held me back

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How hating my smile was destroying my life

Anyone who feels insecure about their teeth will know how horrible it feels.

Every time you laugh, you cover your face, every time you smile, you do so with your lips closed. And it’s these things that take away from being in the moment and enjoying it. 

Insecurities can destroy your life, stop you from doing particular things and stop you from forming new, meaningful relationships.

I’ve reclaimed my confidence and feel better than ever, so if like me, you have experienced the below, you might be an ideal candidate for transformative, non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Ever stopped from speaking up, or talking in a group setting

When I opened my mouth, I constantly felt like people were staring at my teeth and I’ve even seen some quick gazes at my mouth. 

This has altered my character, where I don’t really want to draw any extra attention to myself, and I just feel like my teeth have held me back from doing those presentations and from impressing certain people when I’ve had the chance to.

Avoided school photos, group photos and never smile in selfies

Even though I had my teeth straightened by braces, I still hated the way they looked. This meant I literally never smiled, which led some people to believe I was very shy (which I’m not), or sometimes even moody.

Going for certain jobs

I have a really strong personality and display leadership characteristics, however, it may sound silly, but because of my teeth I have not put myself forward for management positions, just because they do involve presentations, meeting new people, talking to groups of people and at that point in my life, I was tired of being judged.

Shy around boys

Unfortunately in school, I was already labelled “brace face” and this pushed me away from flirting or speaking to most boys. In this aspect, it did make me very shy, but in truth, I just didn’t want to feel rejected either.

This is also meant, especially as I got older that I was concerned with meeting new people, especially over dating apps as I didn’t want to feel like I was “catfishing” them. 

Feelings of anxiousness and paranoia

Always being anxious and concerned about my smile meant that it would change the way I acted in social settings, and then this even affected my behaviour on my own, I wouldn’t even smile for myself or my family any more. 

Suddenly, I was just feeling self-conscious and down about it all the time.

I have some amazing friends and family, who do make me feel beautiful and feel better about my insecurity.

But at the end of the day, when these thoughts never fully go away and it’s something that I just continue to battle.

I had a vision of what I expected life to look like, and I couldn’t envision in my current state that I would ever achieve it continuing like this.

So, I made the decision to consult with a major cosmetic dentist, who had recommended veneers, which would be a quick and easy application, would not destroy my underlying tooth and would last almost forever.

How could I say no?

In total, I had six veneers and tooth whitening, the end result is better than I could ever have imagined (and I’m not just saying that). Now, on Instagram, I’m always smiling and I’m going after everything I dream of.

For me, this has given me the opportunity to feel much happier in myself and I’d never thought I would be an advocate for cosmetic dental procedures.

My family had helped me pay for a portion of my treatment, the rest I was able to pay off easily with monthly payments, which meant I could enjoy my treatment now but spread the financial cost of it.

I paid £1,200 per veneer totalling £7,200. Considering the state of my teeth and the problems it would continue to cost me throughout my life, believe it or not, actually saves me money.

However, in my consultation the dentist walked me through all the different types of veneers, materials and cost – there are definitely some more affordable options like composite veneers (£750 per tooth). 

But for me, I’ve always thought quality is the best route and porcelain veneers (Durathin) worked perfectly for my situation.

You can book your own free consultation here to discuss the best option for your situation. 

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