Cost of Veneers

People often assume that veneers are an expensive luxury and are only available to celebrities and the wealthy. But they might be more affordable than you think.

The Cost of Dental Veneers

The fact that you can spread the cost of your veneer treatment with o% APR over 24 months means it has become more accessible to patients.

Plus, many use veneers just for minor and moderate corrections, which does not result in overly expensive treatment.

Composite Vs Porcelain Veneers

What is the difference between these two treatment types? Porcelain veneers are thin shells that adhere to the tooth’s outer surface.

Composite veneers use a resin applied to the outer surface, layer by layer. As porcelain veneers are made from a stronger material, they last longer. Composite veneers, in this case, are the more affordable option.

Both treatments are custom designed to match, or brighten your teeth.

Improved Natural-Looking Appearance

Will my veneers match the colour of my existing teeth?

Veneers are colour matched and then shaped to blend in with your existing teeth. To the naked eye, veneers are very hard to spot.

So How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Main factors which impact the cost of treatment:
We will determine the exact fee after a preliminary assessment distinguishing your personal needs and the type of work needed.
In very rare cases, the NHS will provide veneer treatments because they consider this procedure to be cosmetic.

Many other professional dentists agree that veneers not only improve your appearance and imperfections but also improve the overall hygiene and oral condition of your mouth.

For example, veneer treatments can correct problems and threats like temporomandibular, tooth decay and dental sensitivity.

The Painless Way To Transform Your Teeth

Many people are unhappy with their natural teeth due to minor imperfections or major ones.

We use various types of veneers, including Durathin, Lumineers, Ultrathin, and a range of materials from porcelain to composite.

One of the reasons that veneers are so popular is that they have many advantages and can correct a multitude of dental problems such as:
The very experienced Dr Sam Jethwa will assess and diagnose any issues affecting your oral health. For your veneer treatment to be successful and durable we will asssess the condition of your oral hygiene and ensure that we create a healthy and stable foundation for the veneers to be fitted.


Aesthetic Success Delivered in a Few Appointments

Step 1

Comprehensive Assessment

Step 2

The Trial Smile

Step 3

Review & Shade Selection

Step 4

The Fitting Visit

Step 5

The Final Review Visit

Other Factors Affecting The Treatment Fee

You can book a free consultation with our top cosmetic dentists, who will be able to give you a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in creating your smile. 

Or learn about what most dentists won’t tell you about veneers here.

Dentists With A Particular Interest In Veneers

An unparalleled level of patient trust: Dr Rahul Doshi is the founder of the Perfect Smile and is the current President of the BACD. With over 25 years of experience, Perfect Smile Studios has a highly skilled team with access to the latest dental technology.

Our Porcelain Veneer Prices

Veneer Types (From Cheapest to Most Expensive)
Type of Veneers Cost
Composite Veneers
From £750 per tooth
Porcelain Veneers
From £1200 per tooth
£900-£1000 per tooth
Ultrathin Veneers
£1000-£1200 per tooth
Other Options For Payment

Other ways to pay for your veneers include credit cards, cash, cheque or BACS credit cards (If you are not using finance, you will pay for the veneers at your appointments.

You will pay a deposit, and your remaining balance will be taken at your final appointment.) There are other options to pay for cosmetic treatments; you can pay upfront or choose one of our personalised finance plans. Please call us on 01992 827024 if you want to discuss payment options further.

You might also be able to Pay with Insurance.

To book an appointment, or for any further questions give us a call on 01992 827024.

Spread The Cost of Veneers

We understand that it is not always possible to pay for veneers upfront, so we offer a range of competitive finance packages. Help with dental costs: With interest-free credit over 12 months or 24 months, or with Low APR interest for 36 months or more for a treatment fee per veneer of £1,050.
We have a new range of low APR extended payment options if you want to spread the cost over a longer-term – cheaper monthly payment, helping make your dreams of a better smile and healthier teeth even easier. All credit is subject to status. Finance is also available with no deposit* Click on the calculator link at the bottom of the page for more details. For further information on interest-free and low-cost payment plans please click on the calculator below:

Cheap veneers. Do they exist?

Commonly Asked Veneers Questions

Bonding and veneers can be very powerful in helping patients overcome their insecurities around their smile.

Not only this but they have the potential to reduce sensitivity and the risk of gum disease.

Many reasons patients in London and beyond choose us is because of our attention to detail, the care we provide, how we prepare and the results we achieve.

Procedure, Process & Stages
The procedure can be painless and many patients report little to no pain. The treatment often does not require much any anaesthesia. However, usually, we are able to complete veneer treatments quickly using little amounts of a local anaesthetic to numb the mouth. This often makes the procedure painless as it helps you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.
Porcelain Veneer Uses

Veneer treatments have many purposes.

Essentially, routine veneer treatments are able to fix issues like discolouration, which can happen as a result of root canal treatments, staining caused by fluoride overuse, or other contributing factors like resin fillings.

Other than treating discoloured teeth, veneers can be used to treat excessive tooth decay, worn down, gappy, overlapping, broken teeth and gummy smiles.

If you are experiencing any of the above, it’s critical to visit us straight away.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Depending on the material, veneers typically should last 15-20 years.

To ensure longevity, aftercare of your veneers is important – especially during your recovery at home.

Your veneers stand a good chance at lasting longer if you take the proper care following your treatment. This involves regular, monthly check-ups with a hygienist and at home cleaning techniques like flossing and brushing. This will help to prevent infections and veneer failure.

Simple Dental Finance Plans

We can help establish monthly payment plans. We provide 0% finance for up to 24-month term plans. Many patients find our payment plan option very useful. Terms over 24 months will be low-interest bearing. If you would like to consider this option, we must carry out a few credit checks. We can discuss payment plans at both the Hertfordshire & the London clinic

Pain Free Treatment - No Drilling Or Injections

Veneers are usually not painful whilst you are having the treatment. However, some have reported slight sensitivity during settling after the final fitting – this is quite normal and nothing to worry over. It usually only lasts for a few days and very soon after subsidies. More. The sensitivity is due to the bonding process of an inorganic substance (the veneer) being bonded to an organic component (your tooth). In complex cases, involving a large amount of treatment, you may experience a little uncomfortableness while your teeth settle down.

Fast, Simple, Pain-Free Process

At your first appointment, your dentist will look at the general health of your teeth and gums, your bite and understand your goals for your smile; and then see if any fundamental issues need addressing before cosmetic veneer work can begin. We will also discuss the type of veneers that may be suitable and how many veneers you should consider to achieve your desired smile. In some patients, it may be possible to get some veneers placed at an initial phase and then have the possibility of additional veneers in the future.

Tooth Preparation

We will always plan your new smile before any treatment commences. We aim to provide you with the most conservative and preservative dentistry. To prevent excessive tooth preparation, we design your new smile to minimise tooth preparation. We also provide options whereby you can have orthodontic or teeth straightening treatment before any cosmetic veneer work begins. This way, your teeth are already well aligned, so very minimal or hardly any tooth preparation becomes necessary. If you are concerned, we advise you to speak to us in your complimentary consultation. We will be able to provide you with suitable solutions.

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Major UK Credentials

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A total of 25,898 veneers fitted, medically trained professional team and influential UK dentist; Dr Doshi.

Innovative Treatments

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Latest Technology & Tools

Advanced HD 3D technology, on-site laboratory and laser dentistry.

Free Consulations

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