Yellow Teeth: How To Avoid, Get Rid Of and Prevent

Remove Tooth Stains For Good!

As our outer enamel wears away as we age, yellowly dentin lying underneath can become more visible as we age, not to mention the lifestyle habits that affect our smiles.

Causes of yellow teeth

We all know that certain foods, drinks and smoking can cause yellow teeth. But this doesn’t necessarily always stop us from eating certain foods or living a certain social life.

But it’s not just these common lifestyle habits that lead to dark or discoloured teeth. Yellow teeth can happen to anyone.

Variables in enamel thickness, shade and transparency mean every smile has a yellowish hue, for those with thinner and more translucent enamel, the yellow colour is more prevalent.

Yellow teeth facts:

  • Yellow teeth are not unhealthy: They are only connected to a poor oral state when the colour is attributed to the buildup of plaque.
  • Some people are born with it: Genetics can play a role in having yellow teeth, the more porous the enamel, the more likely your teeth will be yellow.

Read more about the myths of bad British teeth from the BBC here.

At-home tips to avoid stains and prevent them:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene to avoid tartar
  • Floss to remove plaque

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Instant fixes to stubborn discolouration

Teeth Whitening Solutions- The Perfect SmileDo you really want to banish yellow teeth for good? Well, let’s take a closer look at life-long, whitening solutions…


  • Resistant to staining
  • Protects the underlying tooth
  • Fixes other imperfections
  • Instant teeth whitening

You may probably know that porcelain veneers are the most recommended and prescribed type of veneers.

Requiring only a slight etching of enamel (less than a millimetre) to apply, the offer patients an ultimate smile transformation in as little as two appointments.

Learn more about porcelain veneer options.

OR temporarily lift teeth up to 8 shades

  • Instantly lightens teeth
  • Not permanent
  • Unable to highlight naturally dark teeth

As professional and experienced dentists, we would not recommend our patients to spend and waste their money on at-home tooth whitening products.

“Charcoal toothpastes ‘don’t whiten teeth’ – BBC News.

Not only can these be dangerous for your overall oral health, but they often involve uncomfortable processes that result in a little payoff.

Teeth whitening can be an ideal option for patients who want to sample a lighter and brighter smile. But for full transparency, tooth whitening treatments, even at our cosmetic practice are not permanent procedures.

See our cosmetic whitening treatment options.

How long the results can last depend on the treatment and the dentist.

On average, treatments can last anywhere from three months to three years.

The effect will also weaken the more you smoke or eat and drink all the usual staining suspects like tea and coffee.

Patients who want a more durable, long-lasting white smile will likely be more suited to veneer treatments, even if porcelain veneers are not a choice.

Advanced and less invasive treatments like composite veneers (more) or brands of porcelain veneers like Lumineers and Durathin offer patients an instant and fuss-free application process.

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Patient story

The Perfect Smile Studio – the “perfect” name for you!

Gorgeous patient selfie received this week from our lovely patient Hana. Hana started her treatment with us in October her main focus was to reduce how much gum showed when smiling and improve the position of her teeth. together we customised her treatment plan to straighten her top and bottom teeth using our cosmetic tooth alignment brace ( CFAST) ( this took 6 months) to correct the position of her teeth followed by some simple tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding to give the overall perfect smile 😊 Check Hana’s review out on her experience on our Facebook page 2016 was not a great year for me, I found a lump and it turned out to be breast cancer, however, on 7th March 2017 I was told I was in remission. Now you do not go through an experience like that without having some major changes to how you view your life!

I decided that I was going to live my life to the fullest and if there was something I did not as I would change it.

I have never liked my teeth and after all the treatments they had become so yellow and marked, I hated the way a couple of them stuck out so far they got stuck on my lip! Plus with losing the hair I felt I was on display so much more! So I did not hesitate in deciding it was time to change my smile.

Being the loud crazy person I am I wanted to celebrate the end of a horrible chapter in my life with a “remission party’, so I set a date of 10″ March – which did not give me very long to achieve my SMILE!

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