The teeth-tweakments that will make you look instantly younger and more attractive

Under 50? Quick treatments to achieve a better-looking smile 

Are you thinking about improving your smile? Perhaps you are looking to make changes but do not wish to pursue heavy reconstructive procedures or full smile makeovers.

Dentistry has adapted amazingly over the years to align better with patient needs and trends.

And thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has a wide range of instant treatments to improve your look…

Very popular, fast treatments include:

Laser contouring to get rid of a gummy smile (low or uneven gum lines)

  • Treatment duration: Takes 1-2 hours
  • Cost: Anywhere from £50 to £3,000

This treatment aims to reshape and contour gums to give them a neater and smaller size in relation to the teeth. 

Often a simple procedure, which is completed in one visit, our cosmetic dentist will be able to sculpt your gums and eradicate your worries concerning your gummy smile that is overly exposed when you smile. 

Veneers can also correct this issue if, in fact, it is your teeth being too short that causes this problem.

Veneers in this case are used to make teeth look larger. Learn more.

Veneers to banish stains and treat narrow smiles: 

  • Treatment duration: From one to two appointments
  • Cost: From £700

Veneers are commonly used to widen smiles, where a narrow smile, defined as six or fewer teeth when smiling, is present. 

The process works as veneers can act like instant orthodontics and conceal the underlying tooth without the need for braces. 

Invisalign to cure malocclusions: 

  • platinum provider of invisalignTreatment duration: 12-18 months
  • Cost: From £2,000

As technology has advanced, you can now use a set of clear, removable aligners to treat all types of bite problems including Class 2 malocclusions. 

Bonding for smoother, more even-looking teeth

  • Treatment duration: One appointment
  • Cost: From £250

Dental bonding uses a bonding material that adheres to your tooth.

Made from a putty-like resin, which is tooth-coloured, the material can easily and quickly fix problems like chipped, cracked, broken and uneven teeth.

Composite veneers also improve the look of your smile without the need for any tooth preparation. Learn more.

Huge emotional benefits of cosmetic dentistry for younger patients

  • Increased opportunities
  • Can bare teeth and smile with confidence
  • No longer feel held back
  • Can feel more attractive
  • Possibility for an increased social life

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