How Much Does It Cost to Get a Perfect Smile?

This is a subjective term, commonly used to describe an enhanced aesthetic appearance of the teeth or smile.

Usually when people talk of an ideal smile it tends to have certain commonalities such as straight well aligned teeth, bright white teeth with no discolorations and teeth that look realistic.

Through our 25 years of experience, we understand that a perfect smile for one person can mean something different to another. For this reason we have a variety of smile styles that we can create or base a particular smile design upon. To name a few, you can have a glossy Hollywood style smile, a natural smile or a smile with no imperfections! The choice is yours.

We want to create the smile that is perfect for you

In order to establish your perfect smile, we need to consider various factors that will make up the cost of the overall smile.

Thus, the final fee will be dependent upon your specific needs and requirements and the foundation on which the new smile is based. Find out more.

The cost for your perfect smile depends on:

  • Preliminary work required. This is where we understand the foundation of the teeth to see if any preliminary work is required to produce the optimal environment for your perfect smile. We look at the health of your teeth and gums; check for infections; check for any missing teeth; look at the structural integrity of each tooth and make sure your bite is stable.
  • Existing Restorations. If you already have existing crowns and veneers, then their replacement may also be crowns and veneers. This may have a different fee when compared to simpler treatment options on untreated teeth.
  • Type of restorations chosen. A smile is made up of different components like jigsaw puzzle pieces that all come together in unity to form the overall smile. Each component can consist of veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and tooth coloured fillings. When establishing the perfect smile, each tooth is looked at carefully and treated accordingly to make it aesthetically relevant to the overall smile makeover.
  • Treatments of choice. There are various alternate options that also create a perfect smile of choice. For example, braces can align teeth to make them look cosmetically enhanced. Smile designs made of porcelain-veneered teeth also can achieve a realistic new smile. Hence, the cost of your perfect smile will also depend on the treatment plan of your choice.
  • Aesthetic requirements. It is important to establish the exact requirements of the final smile. These parameters will be integrated into the final smile during the smile analysis. Based upon the comprehensive examination, your dentist will create a personalised smile design that will have varying costs.
  • Clinical experience and skill of the dentist and ceramist. Highly qualified experienced clinicians and ceramists will be working to an advanced level with the ability to treat complex cases. They may also be using the latest modern technologies and materials. This ensures longevity of your treatment as well as cost-effective solutions that otherwise would not be possible. Experienced clinicians are able to provide more choices of treatment thus tailor making your personalized treatment plans.

In order to create the perfect smile for you, we need to first carry out an extensive detailed and comprehensive assessment. This will allow us to fully understand your situation. Read more.

We can then customise a treatment plan to establish your version of your perfect smile. Please schedule an appointment.

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Your 3 Steps to your new smile – £200 We understand the importance of having a natural, captivating and healthy smile. When designing your new smile, we’ll begin to make sure you have a healthy, oral foundation. We begin this process by beginning a personalised treatment plan solely for you.

Our design process will extensively evaluate your gums, mouth, and teeth. This allows us to plan your dental implant, veneer or brace treatment to get the best possible results.