Are braces painful?

Treatments designed to be as comfortable as possible

Brace treatments are not painful.

But they can be a little uncomfortable during the first 2-3 days whilst the teeth get used to the braces.

Initially, the braces do need to be a little tight. This allows for the necessary forces to be applied so that the teeth can start moving in the required direction.

This may feel slightly uncomfortable to some who have a more sensitive disposition.

However, the majority of our patients do not feel too much discomfort. The sensation may just feel a little strange!

The extent of comfort is also dependent upon which particular system is used. For example, when clear aligners are worn the patient gets a tight feeling around all their teeth. Bracket and wire systems give a pulling or pushing force.

These differing motions translate to a strange feeling which some may perceive as discomfort.

Certain components of the bracket and wire brace system may rub on your soft tissues when you speak or chew. This can cause soreness.

If this occurs you should let us know immediately so that we can provide you with orthodontic wax which is used as a cushion between the brace and your soft tissues.

This can happen in those cases that are very crooked and need much alignment. However, once the treatment begins and the teeth slowly re-align themselves to straighter teeth this particular type of discomfort is abated.

The Perfect Smile ensures that our patients are comfortable and well-cared for

We carry out all our brace treatments at our practice in Hertford. Our team will take every precaution to ensure that your treatment is placed as accurately as possible. This is primarily because our clinicians are hugely experienced in placing the braces on your teeth in the correct manner.

This helps alleviate any feelings of discomfort and unease.

We will always customize your Treatment Plan to suit your specific needs and lifestyle. It is imperative that you have the most compatible treatment chosen for you. This will prevent any problems from occurring including any pain during treatment.

If you’re interested in our treatments, you can book a free consultation at one of our consultation rooms in London or Hertfordshire. Contact us on 01992 552115 for more information about our treatments here.

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Our Treatments are Designed to be Pain-Free Braces actually shouldn’t be painful. They may be uncomfortable when they are first placed on the teeth. This is necessary in order to provide the correct forces in order to move the teeth as required.