Cosmetic dentistry procedures for a happier more confident you

At The Perfect Smile we are committed to helping you feel happier, more content, and more confident!

We know that many people feel dissatisfaction and displeasure when they look at their teeth.

There is an increasing pressure to ‘look good’ and our teeth are another part of the body that can cause self-esteem and confidence issues.

Luckily, cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly available to more and more people, and with ever-improving technology there are a multitude of techniques we can use to target an infinite number of teeth issues!

Cosmetic dentistry can provide multiple solutions for a number of issues. It doesn’t matter what it is that is causing you to lose your confidence, we can find an effective solution for you.

Are you worried about discoloured teeth?

  • Veneers
    • If you are concerned with the colour of your teeth as well as the shape, size or straightness of your teeth then veneers may be the best option to restore your confidence in your smile!
    • There are many types of veneers to choose from including:We use a variety of different veneers including Durathin, Lumineers, Ultrathin and a range of materials including porcelain to composite.
    • Organise a free consultation to find out which type of veneers is best for you…

Are your teeth crooked?

  • Braces
    • Advanced technology means we can offer more braces options than ever before. Your dentist will advise you on which treatment is best for you.
    • For example, if you want invisible braces, then Invisalign could be the best option. If you want fast results, six month smiles may be right for you.
  • Veneers
    • If you prefer a more obvious change to your smile (maybe the colour of your teeth is an issue too) then veneers are a great option.
    • Click here to see additional pros and cons of getting veneers.

Do you have missing teeth or gaps in your smile?

  • Missing teeth can be replaced using veneers, crowns or bridges.
  • However, a more thorough option is a full smile makeover. A smile makeover allows you to design a fully new smile and is perfect for people who are lacking confidence in their smile.

Are you concerned about bad breath?

  • People are often confused about what the cause of bad breath is, poor oral hygiene and tooth decay are among the most common reasons.
  • We have many solutions to offer for treating bad breath including mouth assessments, treatments with our hygienists and products you can purchase. Read more here. 

Taking the first steps

Maybe you are nervous about committing to treatment, and that is perfectly valid! For many people, it is not just the idea of altering their teeth that scare them, but also general dental anxiety.

The good thing about organising a consultation meeting is that they are, free of charge, and you do not have to commit to any treatment just because you have come to an appointment – it is simply an opportunity for you to take advantage of all of our talented dentists knowledge and expertise!