Smile in a Day for Full Mouth Implants

Same-day Full Set of Teeth: A New Level of Tooth Implant Technology

Same-day Smiles is a long-lasting, permanent prosthesis to replace a full mouth of missing teeth.

So, if you currently wear dentures, you can have a whole new smile in just one day.

With a single surgical appointment, you can expect a quicker treatment process than traditional tooth implant surgery.

And whilst the majority of our patients who receive this revolutionary treatment use it for a complete jaw restoration, with this procedure, you can replace single or just a few missing teeth, even if you have extreme bone loss.

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The closest natural replacement for tooth loss

Teeth in an Hour will provide patients with the closest solution to mimicking what natural teeth look and function like.

Let’s take a deeper look into how they imitate regular teeth:

  • The titanium implant is embedded into the jaw to act as a normal tooth root.
  • Your bridged teeth will be positioned onto the tooth implant, and you will not be able to remove it.
  • Teeth are securely positioned and fixed, so patients should not expect any slipping or movement as seen with dentures.
  • Perfect balance and symmetry to restore normal bite functions.

    Past patients claim it has changed their lives dramatically

    Implant Dentistry CenterTooth implant-supported bridges hugely improve a patient’s quality of life because the ability to eat and drink is typically restored.

    Many of our past patients who have previously been embarrassed by their total tooth loss have commented that they feel overwhelmed by the improvements to their appearance and how their new teeth feel.

    The life-changing fixed-tooth treatment has brought hundreds of patients newfound confidence and increased self-esteem following its completion.

    It is a life-changing fixed-tooth treatment that restores your ability to bite, chew and enjoy all types of food as if you had natural teeth, gives you back a beautiful smile and restores your confidence.

    What other dental websites won’t tell you

    Before and after photo of dental implant treatment

    The All-on-4 technology in implant dentistry has proven a successful attempt to be money and time-efficient alternative to traditional dental implants.

    Truthfully, this tooth replacement procedure is perfect for those who have lost nearly all of their teeth and need a fast, affordable fix.

    The All on difference

    The placement of the root implants makes this technique more efficient than two-stage tooth implant treatments.

    Typically, we place the implants at 90⁰ angle – but with All on Four, the implants at the end of the jaw are placed at 45⁰/35⁰ angles.

    This precise placement allows the tooth implants to handle much more pressure – hence why you can eat without any dietary restrictions.

    types of dental implant

    Making the procedure happen

    See exactly how everything will work on the day and after:


    • An implant dentist like Dr Sehmi will capture impressions of your jaw using scans and X-rays to produce an exact copy as a study model.
    • A removable denture will then be constructed for the intended teeth as a template for the CT scan – this will help us diagnose the jaws three-dimensionally to establish where your nerves and sinuses are.

    Tooth Implant Placement (temporary repair)

    A total fixed arch prosthesis will be affixed as a provisional restoration on the implant placement.

    Permanent Restoration

    • After three months, you’ll be fully healed and ready to have the final, permanent restoration fitted.
    • The final restoration can include both removable and fixed prostheses options.
    • The permanent, fixed restoration will include the highest-quality porcelain crowns that will be cemented into the bridge framework (this is what makes your replacement teeth look so real as porcelain has the same light-reflecting and translucent properties as new teeth).

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