Taking The Pain Out of Dentistry

It is interesting to know that people still feel that dental injections can still be painful.

In fact, figures show that 70% of Britons are afraid of having an injection at the dentist.Smile Makeover – Gum Care

There are now many techniques and innovations which are literally taking the pain out of dentistry treatments. Learn more.

One such innovation is a system discovered by a British researcher in dental sciences at Newcastle University.

He has created a pain-free jab to deliver anaesthetic to the gums without the patients feeling it.

His innovation is based on the fact that the normally acidic solution of most anaesthetics actually causes the stinging sensation during injection.

These solutions need to be acidic so that they can be stored for a certain time and still remain effective.

Smile with confidence

The research has led to an invention of a syringe which enables the anaesthetic to be mixed with a neutralising solution just before it is injected into a patient’s mouth.

Other more common methods involve special techniques to administer the anaesthetic so that the patient is comfortable throughout the process.

Dr. Bhavna Doshi, our Facial Rejuvenation Director created this technique years ago following her injection methods for facial injections to remove lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers. Continue reading.

Enjoy a smile makeover at The Perfect Smile Studios without the pain

We have used this method at The Perfect Smile Studios now for years and it has produced some amazing results.

It has proved to be a very effective technique. Find out more.

We use many other helpful aids in dentistry and general dentistry. Amongst them there are:

  • Topical gels to numb the gum before we inject the anaesthetic
  • Desensitisation technique to help with nervous patients
  • Hypnosis
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sedation including oral to calm patients when required

Read more about anxious patient’s treatment.

Alternative optionsCosmetic Dentistry at the Perfect Smile Studios

Other things we now use at The Perfect Smile Studios that most definitely help with pain control are different approaches to cosmetic dentistry, tooth veneers, smile makeovers and smile designs. Click here.

Techniques include no preparation veneers and minimal preparation designs.

This means if you want smile improvements but with no anaesthetic you can now have this done. Find out about choosing the right veneers.

We like to stay at the forefront of innovation in dentistry.

On your visit to our studios, one thing will be immediately apparent to you and that is how advanced we are.

Let us show you that dentistry, veneers, implant treatment and any other type of dentistry you need can be very comfortable and you need not fear dentists! See your options.

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Being afraid of the dentist is a well-known phobia.

People may have real phobias or may have had bad experiences in the past or when younger which are now preventing them from seeking help.

Common aspects of a visit to the dental practice would be fear of the dental injection or disliking the sound of a dentist drill.

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According to a recent YouGov survey 45% of adults in the UK are unhappy with their smile, 56% would consider treatment to improve their smile, and a quarter make a direct link between their teeth and self-esteem.

These days people are not looking for suspiciously perfect teeth like gleaming white Hollywood nashers but something that is more appropriate and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Views on what constitutes a “perfect smile” have also evolved over the years.