What’s More Scary, Dentistry or Spiders?

The latest research conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation suggests that visiting the dentist makes people more nervous than snakes or spiders.

The Foundation asked 1,004 people what made them most nervous from a list including heights, flying, injections, doctors, snakes, spiders, going to the hospital and visiting the dentist. Over one in five people rated visiting their dentist as the thing that made them the most nervous.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we recognise this fact and understand the anxiety people may have. For this reason we have worked hard to produce an experience for our patients that surpasses any dental experience known before.

We have established various techniques to relax our patients and make them feel more comfortable. Also, we have created an ambience of relaxation and serenity in our spa studios. Amongst our “normal” dentist London practice protocols we have integrated various auxiliary services to make your visit with us happily memorable. We want to exceed your expectations and will go to great lengths to make this happen.

Amongst our methods we use sedation techniques, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to overcome any anxiety. We also have a care team specially trained to deal with anxious patients and above all we have kindness in our hearts so we want to help you to become healthy and have beautiful looking teeth. We believe a little TLC goes a long way.

Our Cosmetic Dentist will help you achieve the results you are looking for. Our goal is to create beautiful teeth based on a healthy foundation. Our dentist London will discuss all the various options available to you and then plan a program so that you feel absolutely comfortable with how your treatment will occur and progress.

Come and enjoy The Perfect Smile Experience and let us show you that spiders are probably scarier than dentists!

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios on 01992 552115 to find you a way forward.

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