Adapting To Dentures

If you have just been fitted for dentures, it can take a little while to adjust. Partial or full dentures, crowns and bridges can all cause difficulties in the everyday life of the wearer, and you may find that you need to adopt certain habits until you become used to them.

As we get older we are often faced with a whole plethora of ailments. One of the most frustrating is our inability to enjoy the simpler things in life like our favourite foods because our mouths are not as they should be. Some people suffer from loose dentures that cause ulcers and the inability to chew food properly; others suffer from unsightly teeth that are often dark, painful and embarrassing; and many others suffer from bad gums that harass even more.

Well, if you are suffering from any of these problems or even if your self-esteem and confidence has been hurt, then let me tell you there is light at the end of your tunnel. You can now have a beautiful natural looking smile with teeth that are fixed and strong.

A recent article on offers some useful advice on how to adapt to these issues, and how to care for your dentures to ensure that they have a long life. Discover the denture treatment.

Here are 5 ways to get your ideal denture:

1. Complete Comprehensive Detailed Assessments. This will give you the confidence and trust that you will be given the best advice regarding suitable treatment options. Which meet your needs perfectly and satisfactorily.

2. Outstanding Customer Service. We are committed to looking after you in every way we can. We offer a range of complimentary services to make your visit with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. These include painless injections, aromatherapy, your choice of relaxing music on digital wireless headphones and a hand held buzzer so that you can stop treatment at any time and much more.

3. An Empathic and Understanding Approach. Many of our patients are aged 50 and over. We always take our time to listen to your needs and understand your previous dental experiences so that you can enjoy comfortable dentistry.

4. Hand-Made Strong and Stable Dentures. Working with award-winning leading dental technicians enables us to create beautiful, natural looking dentures that are comfortable and amazingly lifelike! If you have missing teeth and do not want to opt for surgery with dental implants, then dentures could be the choice for you.

5. Denture Alternatives. We can offer a combination of treatments (including Dental Implants) that allow us to replace missing teeth in a predictable manner giving you back your confidence. You can now avoid the embarrassment of loose dentures and restore your chewing ability. Have teeth which look, feel and function like natural teeth.

So whether you are looking for a simple change to your chewing comfort or an extreme makeover, we are here for you. Your dental care is important to us. We want to provide you with all your options and open up opportunities for you.

Call our award winning internationally renowned studios to book in for your FREE Consultation. Talk to us over a cup of coffee and let us show you how dentistry can be comfortable and give you a new leash on life!



Living and adopting to your new denture:

1. Learning to eat

Begin with foods that are either liquidised or easy to eat, such as soups and smoothies. Gradually introduce your usual foods back into your diet, teaching yourself the dynamics of eating with dentures.

dentures 1

It may sound obvious, but you should chew food slowly and evenly with your back teeth – do not gulp foods down. It is also important not to keep warms drinks in your mouth for too long, as it may loosen your denture glue. Read about the difference between dentures and implants.

2. Learning to talk

It’s likely that you will be self-conscious when first getting used to talking with dentures, but this phase needn’t last long.

You may feel as if your dentures are too big for your mouth and that it takes more effort to speak, but you will soon become accustomed to them and less aware of how they feel. A good tip is to read aloud in bed, to practice talking in private. Find out more.

3. Taking care of your dentures

Dentures can be expensive, so you’ll want to look after them properly. Using the right cleaning products will become an important part of your daily routine – you can now get whitening pastes, five-minute cleaning products and overnight solutions.

It’s essential to use a special denture brush to avoid damaging the delicate materials. See more: Advice for those with dentures.

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