How high does your pain tolerance need to be in order to endure cosmetic dentistry?

The short answer to this question is – not very high!

Everyone has different ideas of ‘pain’ and some of us are more sensitive to certain types of dentistry treatments than others. 

However, with successful local anaesthetic and modern technology, it is easy for us to provide cosmetic dentistry that is comfortable for most, and definitely bearable for those with lower pain thresholds!

What treatments hurt the least?

There are of course a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available today, and pain level is highly dependent on the treatment you receive. 

Our patients use cosmetic dentistry for a number of issues including teeth whitening, straightening crooked teeth, entire smile makeovers and improving the functionality of the teeth. 

Teeth whitening and veneers, for example, are two of the least invasive types of treatment.

Cosmetic braces may be slightly more uncomfortable during the application process if you are one of the many people who does not like the feeling of having tools in your mouth.

Additionally, in regards to braces, patients note a short period of discomfort during the tightening process (which happens every couple of months , dependent on the braces you have and your specific issues).

However, this pain can be numbed using over the counter painkillers, and usually goes away within a few days. 

What treatments hurt the most?

Remember it is possible for our dentists to numb your gums with pain-free injections before any procedure, so it is unlikely you will experience intense pain, more so slight discomfort. 

Dental implant surgery is one of the most invasive forms of treatment. This is a process performed overtime to prepare for the implant. 

The process involves placing an implant into the jawbone and allowing it to heal for several months before an abutment is placed on the implant. 

The power of technology…

At The Perfect Smile, we have invested in new technology for the specific reason of making patient’s visits more comfortable. 

The ‘Nucalm’ is a device which helps relax our patients without the use of drugs or sedatives. 

It allows you to establish a calm and restorative state of mind and body. In this healing state, you will be deeply relaxed and able to accept the dentistry more comfortably.

How does it work?

There are four components we use to get you into a calm and relaxed state:

  1. Firstly, you chew dietary supplements that are designed to relax you by counteracting adrenaline in your system. These have a completely natural formulation in case some are worried about taking unnecessary drugs and medication. They are based on naturally occurring GABBA.
  2. Small micro-current stimulation patches are placed on the body – these are completely harmless and facilitate the relaxation response.
  3. Noise-dampening headphones are then used to deliver proprietary neuro-acoustic software to bring your brain wave pace to the pre-sleep stages (12Hz -4Hz). This makes you feel as if you are in a deep meditative state.
  4. Light-blocking eye mask is used to negate visual stimuli and help maintain the NuCalm relaxation state.

Making your experience comfortable!

The NuCalm is just one of the ways we help our patients avoid the normal discomfort of visiting the dentist.

We are a patient-focused practice, and if you are happy, then we are happy! See our testimonials for proof.