For many people, just the thought of going to the dentist can initiate feelings of anxiety.

To combat these fears, this astonishing piece of technology helps to facilitate feelings of calmness during dental procedures.

We use it routinely on any patient that feels any level of anxiety during dental procedures and it has been proven to be highly successful.

It is a completely safe and natural remedy for anxiety. It relaxes you without the use of narcotics or controlled medication.

It brings your body and mind into a meditative state with a complete feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Benefits Of Nucalm

benefits of nucalm®

  • Quick
  • Free for you
  • Relaxing and calming
  • No effort required on your part
  • No sedative drugs
  • Natural remedy that works
  • Safe
  • Suitable for everyone
  • No side-effects

It is now one of the most popular solutions we use routinely for patients that are anxious of any type of dental procedure including injections.

It is very easy to administrate and we use it on any patient that needs it without any additional charge.

It also has no lingering post-treatment effects; so when the treatment is completely you will feel like yourself again but intensely relaxed.

How It Works

There are four components we use to get you into a calm and relaxed state:

  • Firstly, you chew dietary supplements that are designed to relax you by counteracting adrenaline in your system. These have a completely natural formulation in case some are worried about taking unnecessary drugs and medication. They are based on naturally occurring GABBA.
  • Small micro-current stimulation patches are placed on the body – these are completely harmless and facilitate the relaxation response.
  • Noise-dampening headphones are then used to deliver proprietary neuro-acoustic software to bring your brain wave pace to the pre-sleep stages (12Hz -4Hz). This makes you feel as if you are in a deep meditative state.
  • Light-blocking eye mask is used to negate visual stimuli and help maintain the NuCalm relaxation state.

The NuCalm Experience helps to balance the autonomic nervous system – the part of our nervous system that we have no control over. This is what gets out of hand when we are nervous and anxious about something.

NuCalm helps to calm and heal by putting the mind and body in a deeply meditative state that then furthers the relaxation.

The NuCalm Experience establishes a calm restorative state of mind and body. In this healing state you will be deeply relaxed and able to accept the dentistry more comfortably.

For more information on the Nucalm click here.

Learn more about dealing with dental anxiety here.

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