Digital radiographs (x-rays)

These are high-definition instant radiographs (X-rays) of your teeth and jaws. This is something we have installed from the very beginning, and most of our patients are already enjoying the benefits.

The main advantage of this type of X-rays is that the results are instant. This means that you do not have to wait for a length of time (or even another appointment) before a suitable diagnosis can be made. Sometimes this becomes a critical factor when making decisions regarding your oral health.

Our technology reduces exposure to radiation by 90%, thus proving to be a safer alternative.

We can still create high-definition radiographs using highly sensitive sensors despite the ultra-low dosage. Clarity of radiographs means better diagnostic ability resulting in optimal treatments and results for our patients.

Digital Radiographs

Benefits of Digital Radiographs

  • Quick and safe
  • Comfortable and easy to have done
  • Instant results and therefore quicker diagnosis
  • High definition so better image quality
  • Ultra low dosage
  • Lowest skin radiation
  • High resolution sensors
  • Useful for specific areas of diagnosis
  • Increased diagnostic proficiency
  • Connected to software that provides a variety of diagnostic tools for the dentist ensuring optimal treatment outcomes
  • They can easily be stored and printed
  • No use of harsh chemicals or waste materials
  • Allows off-site analysis in case of emergencies

Please talk to us if you would like more information.

Additionally, you can also view further advancements in technology by clicking here: return to innovations page.

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