3D digital CT scan

Diagnostic clarity with our state-of-the-art Digital CTscan

The high-definition 3D Digital CT Scan is a supreme innovation in imaging technology. We use this technology to maximise your comfort and offer the most exceptional care possible.

CT Scans

CT Scans

The high definition 3D Digital CT Scan is a supreme innovation in imaging technology. We use this technology to maximise your comfort and offer the most exceptional care possible.

This piece of equipment allows the dentist to completely focus on the part of the jaw that is being treated with optimal clarity and precision.

Diagnostic ability is supremely enhanced, allowing visualisation of tooth anatomy previously unavailable from standard or digital x-rays.

The images produced allow us to visualise better the depth and breadth of bone and the quality of bone available.

Also, any nearby nerves and anatomical structures may come in the way and a better understanding of the surrounding tissues and structures.

We also believe that having a CT scan is almost always essential before placing an implant into the jaw bone as it allows safe placement avoiding nerves, blood vessels and future complications.

Benefits Of The Digital Ct Scan

  • Comfortable and easy to have done within a few minutes
  • Ultra high speed hence lower radiation dose per image
  • High definition 2D full-mouth radiographs for diagnostic clarity
  • High definition 3D imagery for enhanced cross-sectional pictures of the teeth and jaws with a high degree of accuracy
  • Useful for specific areas of diagnosis
  • It also provides more extensive information
  • Multi-layer panoramic and cephalometric images
  • Eliminates blurring or distortion of images due to an incorrect patient position as occurs with standard scanners.
  • Highest standard first-class image quality
  • Greater versatility of use thus, specific images can be created
  • More precise and accurate diagnosis
  • In-depth and highly detailed treatment planning
  • Enhanced treatment clarity

Exceptional diagnostic clarity is necessary for successful treatments in areas of dental care such as implantology, endodontics (root canal treatments) and oral surgery.

We are pleased to offer all patients the opportunity to undergo treatment with such high phased technology.

Accurate treatment planning, enhanced visualisation and convenient access to invaluable information allow better decision making by both the dentist and the patient. This means that the treatment is incredibly precise, thus increasing its chance of success.
It has fast become an indispensable tool.

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What Is The Digital Ct Scan Used For?

  • Treatment planning/bone dimensions
  • Implant placement/detailed anatomy
  • Accurate diagnosis/apical lesions
  • Root resorption/tooth resorption
  • Missed anatomy/endodontic accuracy
  • Surgical accuracy

This versatile world-renowned technology is bringing dentistry into a new age where outstanding imagery allows accurate treatment decisions with quicker treatment responses.

This helps the dentist and the patient understand all the options and possibilities.

Using these types of technology within our practice allows us to continue providing exceptional levels of care and leaving our patients satisfied and impressed with their treatment results.

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