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Dental Implants are popular as ever with patients and are showing no signs of regressing as more people become aware of its many benefits. It is also a treatment solution that remains popular with the dental profession too. How long will your implant last? Find out here.

This is because of the many scientific advances cosmetic dentists see in its use and applications.

At, the Perfect Smile Studios we have seen firsthand the life changing dramatic results that dental implants can bring to those who have missing teeth and have been suffering with plastic dentures or gaps for years. See our portfolio & testimonials.

Innovations, advances & ideas

Each passing year sees new developments in the area of teeth implantsfresh innovations, advances in designs and techniques and new ideas from the implant manufacturers. Click here.

This has also created much competition between various implant companies. We have welcomed this change.

We have found that competition does several things – it increases perception and awareness of the many applications for dental implants and also diversifies its uses. This means that dental implants of different systems can be used in cases where traditional implants cannot.

Applications for Implants

We are often asked, “How much are implants?” or “Will I be suitable for implants?” Information regarding the potential costs.

The answer to both of these questions is multi-fold. Due to the vast increase in the types of dental implants now available in design, function and usability on the market, it is often better for the cosmetic dentist to assess your needs beforehand. Suitable for a single missing tooth or multiple. Read more: Single | Multiple

This provides useful information as to which implant system will be the best for you. Hence, the type, quantity, treatment complexity and fee are all dependent on your unique and specific situation and which implant system you are best suited to. Click here.

Specialised in dental implants

At the Perfect Smile Studios we are lucky enough to have had our implant dentist Dr. Andreas Weigt, for a number of years. He travels to see us from Berlin in Germany and is extremely talented and skilled.

Dr. Rahul Doshi who was also fully trained in dental implants himself assisted Dr. Weigt during all the procedures. They both believed that continuously increasing one’s knowledge and keeping at the forefront of the implant industry is vital.

It enables them to provide great solutions for patients who have often thought that all doors were closed to them when it came to possible options.

“ I think it’s great that Dr. Doshi keeps up to date with the latest training and trends in dentistry. I had my dental implants done last year and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made to my life. If I had known about them earlier I would have had them as soon as I had to have my teeth taken out. But I’m glad I waited for Rahul and Andreas to do them for me. They are so good and make such a good team. I felt safe and they took excellent care of me.” Mrs. Baker

If you have missing teeth, teeth implants might be a good option for you. Talk to us about how we may help you. Don’t wait and suffer in silence. Implants can give you back your confidence and comfort.


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If all of your teeth are missing then we can consider Implant Treatment that is used to support either bridge or denture

However, before we consider any such treatment we will need to evaluate the quality, quantity, and levels of remaining jaw bone that you have.


NOT ALL IMPLANTS ARE THE SAME‎ – There are now so many different types of dental implants systems available on the market that do slightly different things.

They may have structural differences or functional capabilities.

We are now in an amazing position that we are able to customise your dental treatment to suit your specific situation.