How to Get Free Dental Implants

free dental implants

Explore the Secret Ways to Get Dental Implants for FREE, or Cheaper at Least

As dental implants are the leading missing tooth solution, there’s no surprise they come at a high price tag.

Their superior strength can explain their cost over other traditional tooth replacement methods.

Not to mention the fact they are the closest thing to natural functioning teeth – oh, and that they last a lifetime.

However, if you have missing teeth and cannot afford dental implants, there are specific ways you can attempt to get them for free or at a cheaper rate. Let’s explore.

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Free dental programmes

Some volunteer dental labs and research institutes develop studies on the implant success rate across various age groups.

Rarely they will offer clinical trials involving teeth implants and other dental procedures to test out new materials and technology and even to compare certain products across a range of demographics.

However, some scams exist, so do be weary in your search for these programmes, which can be tricky to pin down initially.

These labs often cater to those who need dental work and target specific social groups.

Patients in these cases receive their treatment free of charge.

But again, there are risks involved – there may not be a guarantee, for example, on how long your implants will last, and you may have access to zero support if anything goes wrong further down the line.

To find or register your interest in future research projects, check out the National Institute for Health Research to see if they are recruiting.

People In Research can also be another credible source for trial programmes.

cheap dental implants

Free dental implants by students in schools

As you might be aware, it takes years of training to become a fully qualified dentist, especially as implant dentistry is a specialist form.

As dental students will need hands-on practice, various UK dental schools offer dental work for free if you are happy for a student to carry out the work.

In return for receiving free implants, you should expect to give up a considerable amount of time; you might have to spend multiple hours at a dental school for each appointment and attend numerous times.

Browse some of the dental schools in the UK offering free restorative dentistry treatments:

You can also search for general hospitals in the UK that might have similar opportunities here.

Free teeth implant on the NHS

As a UK patient, your first thought might be to turn to the NHS for help; that’s what they’re there for, right?

Even though the NHS provides subsidised dentistry for those displaying a medical need for it, implants are rarely included.

Through the NHS, most missing teeth patients can get dentures or even bridges via the NHS as long as it is sufficient to sustain their oral health.

However, there are some exceptions where you can get implants for free on the NHS or pay a reduced fee. Learn more.

This will apply to patients who:

  • Have or had oral or mouth cancer
  • Lost their teeth as a result of a facial trauma
  • Have gaps in the mouth due to a genetic condition
  • Have a medical reason why they cannot wear removable dentures

If the above applies, you should speak to an NHS dentist regarding your eligibility for NHS implants.

Ways to lower the cost of implants.

Many people can be encouraged to travel abroad. However, here at the Perfect Smile, we would not recommend it.

You would not believe the work we have seen carried out overseas, where patients have come to our practice with metal grates hanging out of their mouths.

Many UK dentists may decline to jump in and resurrect work carried out abroad, as they use different systems and techniques, there runs the risk of making the situation worse.

*Dental implants on finance from £104pm (no interest). Learn more.

Consider finance

Whilst all of these might excite you to have free dental implants, it’s essential to bear in mind that the reality of your chances of getting free implants in the UK can be scarce.

The best thing we can advise is to find a dentist you trust and know who will carry out an incredible job as lots can go wrong with teeth implantation.

Choosing a reputable prosthodontist with experience means you make an excellent investment for your smile and can save you money in the future.

The Perfect Smile offers 0% finance over 24 months – and even offer plans extending to 60 months with 9.9% APR.

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