How long is a crown supposed to last?

How long is a crown supposed to last?

We use the highest quality materials for long-lasting results

Nothing lasts forever, primarily when concerned with the human body. This is because there are so many variables and our jaws are dynamic, which means things are constantly changing.

We usually say approximately 10 years. However, when we carry out any treatment on your teeth, we do so in a way that has the longevity of the treatment in mind. At our Hertfordshire clinic, we use a range of innovative techniques to make sure treatments are long-lasting.

This means we do not expect to re-do any treatment in the future.

how do we make sure your crowns lasts as long as possible?

There are a number of things that we do to make sure that we give your dentistry and your mouth the best chance possible. However, how long any treatment lasts varies from person to person and the complexity of their treatment. Repair your teeth today.

Correct treatment planning

It is essential that we fully understand your mouth in every way before we recommend treatment. This facilitates our choosing the most appropriate treatment for your specific case.

We do this by first talking to you at length about your specific needs and requirements. Thereafter, we carry out an extensive detailed clinical assessment and evaluation of your teeth, gums and smile.

We usually also need other diagnostics at this stage such as radiographs (X-rays) or study models.

Once we have collated all this information we then plan carefully how we should proceed to provide you with a solid foundation of healthy teeth that also look good. We then select the most appropriate and viable choices for treatment.

most compatible treatments

Compatible treatment solutions are more likely to last in your mouth than standard treatments aimed at everybody.

We have found that a customized approach yields much better success, in the long run, producing long-lasting dentistry regardless of what that dentistry is.

This is because the chosen dentistry, materials, products and brands are most relevant to you.

Innovative long-term dentistry

After having selected the right type of treatment for you individually, we then make sure that we are using the most current and latest in technology to ensure a speedy and comfortable treatment.

We use the latest bonding agents and manufacturing techniques to create a treatment that is more likely to last a long time.

Highly skilled and experienced dentists also carry out the treatment. They now teach these same techniques to other qualified dentists.

Their careful attention to detail and fuller understanding of the technologies involved make their treatment last longer.

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regular post-operative care

It is also important to have regular checks with both the dentist and the hygienist following any type of dentistry. This ensures the longevity of any treatment.

We examine not only the teeth but also the proper functioning of them.

The human body is always changing and the same applies to your teeth. It is important that we note any damaging changes sooner rather than later.

We also check your oral hygiene to make sure that there is no gum disease or dental decay developing.

We may take more radiographs (X-rays) at these review and checkup appointments to help with our diagnosis. We can also take other diagnostics based upon what we need at the time.

During these regular checkups, we can make sure that we intervene if necessary at the right time preventing any relapse of treatment or recognizing other issues.

Committed to giving you the best possible care

How long a crown last will be dependent upon how complex a particular case is and following the guidelines set out above. Find out more about how we make our treatments virtually painless.

However, you can be reassured of our utmost attention to detail in every stage of treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes. You can contact us on 01992 827024 for more information.

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