Indirect fillings

Indirect fillings

What are indirect fillings?

Indirect fillings are made in a dental laboratory. They are then bonded onto the tooth in a single piece to restore the aesthetics and function of the individual tooth.

Our indirect fillings are commonly made of porcelain or a special type of hard composite. They’re incredibly popular choices because they can be tooth-coloured and have long-lasting durability.

Indirect fillings require a minimum of two appointments:

image of prosthetic

appointment 1

The tooth in question is first anaesthetized and numbed with a local anaesthetic.

The tooth cavity is then cleaned of infection and prepared for a filling. It is important that there are no retentive walls within the preparation so that the Indirect Filling can easily be placed into the cavity.

A mould (impression) is then taken of the cavity and the other teeth. This is then sent to the laboratory who will then manufacture the restoration according to whichever material and specifications that are prescribed by the dentist.

The laboratory usually takes 2 weeks to make Indirect Filling. During the interim period, a temporary material is then placed in the cavity to seal and protect the tooth.

appointment 2

On this appointment, again the tooth is anaesthetized and numbed with a local anaesthetic.

The temporary filling is removed and the cavity cleaned. The tooth is then prepared using various bonding agents. A special type of cement is then used that is compatible with the material used.

types of indirect restorations

  • Inlays – this type mostly fills in the inside of the tooth.
  • Onlays – this type fills in the inside and part of the tooth cusp.
  • Overlays – this type fills in the inside and the biting surface of the tooth.
  • Crowns – this restores the entire tooth.

adhesive dentistry

These restorations take advantage of special bonding agents that adhere to the fillings to the tooth. This creates a seal and a single unit of tooth and filling, restoring the tooth to aesthetics and function.

preservation of natural tooth tissue

The main aim of restorative dentistry is to preserve the remaining sound tooth tissue and restore the tooth to its former anatomical shape. Throughout the restorative process, regardless of whether we are doing. 

Direct Restorations or Indirect Restorations we always aim to conserve as much tooth tissue as possible and protect the remaining tooth. More.

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anatomical form

It is important to recreate the anatomical form of the tooth for both aesthetics and function. The correct form will also ensure that the biting surface is harmonious with the rest of the dentition.

 It is easier to recreate the anatomical form and the biting surface in a laboratory. Therefore Indirect Fillings tend to be more accurately designed and better fitting.

The Perfect Smile is committed to providing you with long-lasting filling treatment. We also offer direct fillings.

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