How long do dental fillings take to do?

How long do dental fillings take to do?

fillings: what to expect

Direct fillings are created in one appointment, and Indirect fillings are completed in two appointments. The length of time to restore any tooth will depend upon the complexity of the treatment and the extent of the damage. More complex rehabilitation will take longer than simple fillings. The length of time for treatment will also be dependent upon the number of fillings required.


how are fillings undertaken?

The main aim is to remove all the chipped, decayed and infected tooth tissue. We then try and conserve as much sound tooth tissue as possible. With the advent of Adhesive Dentistry, we can preserve all the healthy parts of the tooth since we bond the material to the remaining tooth structure. The bond strengths are extremely strong.

As well as “filling in” the cavity, we aim to preserve the natural anatomical contours of the tooth to maintain and stabilize the correct aesthetics and functioning of the teeth.

 We also make sure that the resulting form of the tooth has a biting surface that allows all the teeth to work cohesively together in a balanced and harmonious way. Thus maintaining balanced chewing dynamics.

 We also try to preserve the nerve in the tooth root canals. This is important so that the tooth continues to keep its original properties of elasticity and sensitivity. This sensitivity helps to determine the temperatures and textures of various foods and drink we consume!

 When carrying out these fillings, we aim to re-create the natural aesthetics of teeth and hence use special techniques to give additional cosmetic properties to the filling, such as:

  • We can make teeth appear more translucent or more opaque giving the illusion of thinner or thicker teeth.
  • We can play with light reflection and light refraction to produce a more youthful appearance to teeth.
  • We can contour teeth with additional texture to give a more realistic appearance.
  • We can now perfectly match a filling to the surrounding tooth tissue to appear “invisible”.

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how long do they last?

At the Perfect Smile Studios, we always use superior quality products and technologies, and the treatments are carried out by experienced highly skilled dentists; for this reason, you can be assured of a quality end result that lasts a very long time.  

Comprehensive Health Assessment

If you feel that you have had fillings in your mouth for a while or are aware of any symptoms please book in for a comprehensive Health Assessment. This is a detailed examination of the biological status of your mouth to check for any infections and to determine the structural integrity of each and every tooth. More.

We also do a bite analysis to make sure your bite is stable and balanced.  If you wish, you can book in for a complimentary consultation beforehand to explore your options. Please call us on 01992 827121

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