The Perfect Smile with Dentistry – Hype or Achievable?

The perfect smile – a possibility or a pipe dream

Communicating with yourtThe UK’s ambivalence to cosmetic dentistry has earned us the reputation of being dental dinosaurs and we have fast become the butt of many a joke by our teeth and smile obsessed American counterparts.

However, you will be pleased to hear our attitude is changing and changing fast.

If you believe your smile is less attractive than you would like, it will impact on your self-esteem and confidence in a negative way and can dramatically affect how you lead your life.

You may already have decided to find a dentist with the skill set to transform your smile. But how will you know which one is offering you the very best dental advice and treatment?

We have been responsible for many of the Smile Makeovers across the UK in the last 10 years. In fact, you may have seen several of our dental transformations on TV programmes such as Extreme Makeover UK (Living TV) and Sky.

When you see what we have achieved with these patients you will be able to appreciate the massive improvements that are possible to even the most unsightly teeth, and the immense impact a carefully designed smile can have.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to improve your smile with the latest trends in dentistry, a Smile Makeover will address and correct most dental inconsistencies such as over-crowding, gaps, misshapen, crooked, chipped or discoloured teeth, and even unsightly gum lines!

Innovations have helped medical science tremendously, especially over the last 20 years. This has equally applied in this area of dentistry.

However, as exciting as this might be for the scientific community, rapidly advancing technologies can prove to be confusing and over- marketed for the everyday consumer.


How do we decipher fact from fiction?

Pioneering technologies often initiate points of discussion on usage, optimal outcomes and longevity amongst dentist communities in various forums and meetings. The results of these debates can often form many different yet equally viable options for treatment.

However, to the consumer or patient this can be rather confusing. So many paths of treatment all leading to a similar conclusion – so which path is right for our individual case?

At the Perfect Smile Studios, our frank conversations have led us to change the way we conduct the process of dentistry. We have developed a unique process of assessment that allows us to first understand your precise requirements. We believe, for example, you need to know what your objectives that you are trying to achieve from having glamorous dentistry to natural looking general dentistry. Only after such a discussion and effective communication can we then help you in the way you need.

After this initial fact-finding chat, the team will conduct a thorough examination to reveal the limitations and possibilities in your mouth. Your dentist, together with our knowledgeable treatment coordinators will discuss all viable solutions with you. You will then discuss options to create your very own personalised treatment plan.

The hype of cosmetic dentistry has always been about improving a persons self-belief and confidence from the way the smile appears. If a treatment type is able to create the desired result then it is not a hype, as this can be life-changing. The change in life can manifest from improved relationships, finding new relationships, improved leadership from improved physical physiology of a person to a change in career and also in having more confidence to meet people and follow hobbies that required self-confidence. However, when a patient is unsure of their final vision of the smile, or the final desired look is constantly changing or if the patient expectations are extremely high (and not feasible) then it is hype and can be said to be confusing.

A Smile Makeover is very much the leading edge in advanced dental treatment placing us firmly ahead with our American counterparts. However, for the perfect smile, it is only a highly trained and skilled dentist who can create beautiful, healthy, and above all, natural looking smiles. Remember, teeth that look too perfect can also look false!

The Art of Smile Makeovers

You will be in good hands with Dr Doshi at our award-winning studios. Dr Doshi has been creating beautiful smiles for the last 25 years and also teaches other dentists the Art of Smile Makeovers at The  Advanced Training Institute.

The secret to a natural, beautiful, healthy smile lies in the artistic ability of your dentist who treats dentistry as art and who will contour and tone every tooth with precision to achieve the most flattering effect suited to you and achieve functional compatibility.

Smiles are all about people, so it is important to create a smile that will suit a person’s face, personality and style. However, it is also important to stress that long term dental health and function are vitally important elements not to be compromised or sacrificed for the sake of aesthetic perfection.

To understand fully what can be achieved for you, it is important you talk to a dentist who has the experience and advanced training in the Art of Smile Makeover. Talk to us and let us show you how you too can achieve the wonderful attractive smile you always dreamed of.

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Due to celebrity promotion and the media push many people are now aware of the most popular treatments such as full smile designs using traditional veneers and smile makeovers in dentistry. Check out our digital smile designing.


Cosmetic dentistry is becoming a preferred solution for many patients who dream of the perfect smile.

However, many people are still very wary of it; some believe it to be extremely expensive, time-consuming and not always effective.

Find more information. In fact, these are nothing but myths. Providing you choose an experienced and properly-qualified dentist, you will only benefit from such treatments.