Quiz: Do you need cosmetic dentistry?

Deciding whether or not cosmetic dentistry is right for you can be difficult

As cosmetic dentistry’s main purpose is to improve your appearance, it is not always an essential procedure, but more of a preferred one.

This is because cosmetic dentistry is the fastest, most effective, durable and natural-looking way to makeover your smile.

Collect your answers below to see which type of cosmetic procedure may benefit you the most…

1. Are you conscious of one or more of the following

  • A) Staining (discolouration, yellow teeth, fluorosis)
  • B) Slight decay/chips or breaks (cracked, chipped or broken teeth)
  • C) Malocclusions (crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, crossbites, gummy and narrow smile)
  • D) None of the above

2. How would you rate your smile?

  • A) Average: Slight imperfections and oral health problems
  • B) Conscious: Obvious imperfections that might try and hide
  • C) Insecure: Not straight, even or misaligned teeth that prevent you from smiling
  • D) Perfect: No clear problems

3. How often do you smile?

  • A) Mostly
  • B) Sometimes
  • C) Hardly
  • D) Always

4. What is your budget?

  • A) I’m on a budget and ideally would like to spend up to £500
  • B) I’m prepared to pay slightly a bit more (£700) for amazing results
  • C) Cost is not a concern – I’m willing to spend to improve my look and improve my oral health
  • D) I do not want to spend any money

5. Are you concerned about invasive procedures?

  • A) I would only like to make a few small tweaks that feel no different to going to the dentist any other time
  • B) I prefer to treat my oral condition with pain-free, non-surgical or invasive procedures
  • C) I am happy to undergo a little bit of preparation in order to receive my dream smile
  • D) It does not bother me

The results

If you answered…

Mostly A’s

veneers before and afterIt looks like you do not need an extensive amount of cosmetic dental work! Your oral problems can be rectified very affordably and easily with treatments such as teeth whitening for discolouration and staining, or in situations of severe fluorosis; ultra-thin no-prep veneers.

See: How to target tooth discolouration.

Mostly B’s

You may need a little more cosmetic work, however, nothing invasive or irreversible. 

Treatments like cosmetic bonding, which reshapes your teeth using tooth-coloured special resin, which can lift stains, fill gaps and fix chips. Composite veneers work in a similar way, but give patients more of a custom smile that they can design.

Mostly C’s

If you answered C, it is most likely that you will need either a more aggressive form of treatment like cosmetic braces, which move the teeth in half the time of traditional, fixed braces.

Some patients may prefer to receive what we call instant orthodontics, which use porcelain veneers to conceal the front surface of the tooth and give the appearance of a straighter, whiter smile.

Porcelain veneers require little preparation to the tooth and are custom-made to your exact specifications and requirements.

In severe bite problems cases, a combination of orthodontics and veneers may be necessary.  

Mostly D’s

It may not quite be your time yet, we believe. 

For any questions, or anything you are not sure of give us a call on 01992 552115 and we will be happy to advise on suitable treatments or procedures that suit your condition.

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