Is your desk giving you the need for gum disease treatment?

A new survey reveals that 68% of Britons snack more than six times a day. Find out what it is doing to their health…

A growing trend of eating on the go and eating at the desk is impacting on our oral health. This new breed of dental grazers is putting their health at risk by failing to clean their teeth as frequently as they eat. This is especially true for those who spend long hours chained to their desks.

A faster paced work ethic, longer hours and shorter lunch breaks means 25% of office workers find it more convenient to snack throughout the day than stick to the traditional three meal regime. In fact, 62% admitted to eating on the go at least four times a week.

However, the oral health regime is failing to keep up with these grazers! This could mean the need for more treatments like gum disease treatment and dental decay treatment.

What does the survey show and how can your dentist London at The Perfect Smile Studios help?

65% of Britons admitted that despite snacking more throughout the day, their teeth cleaning routine hasn’t evolved to keep up. The survey reveals that Lawyers and bankers are the worst culprits, with 67% eating throughout the day but buck the national trend by consciously cleaning their teeth after every snack and drink. For those working in marketing and media, 35% were seemingly unconcerned about keeping their teeth clean throughout the day. Teachers are also skipping the dental health lessons with 68% admitting that, despite digging into their food up to six times a day, they only clean their teeth in the morning and evening.

We at The Perfect Smile Studios are concerned about these disturbing facts and figures and we want to help those at risk of dental disease.

We are providing all our patients and anyone who wishes to understand these risks further a FREE Consultation to talk about how we may be able to advise and help.

What you can do to prevent the need for gum disease treatment and dental decay?

Often it is about education and understanding the pitfalls involved. This will allow you to eat and drink the things you like without developing dental problems. We can help you to make the most of your dentist London.

Programmes like Embarrassing Bodies, 10 Years Younger and Extreme Makeover UK show patients possibilities and also advancements in the cosmetic arena for self-improvement. Dental education is no different.

Your dentist London at The Perfect Smile Studios, have concerns for people who graze and snack throughout the day. These are:

– Is there an increased rate of dental decay in your mouth?

– Do you have associated gum disease as a result?

– Do you need gum disease treatment?

– Do you have undetected holes in your teeth?

– Can we prevent these problems?

– Do you have a good home oral hygiene regime?

Also, we have an enormous bank of information that just might save your teeth! If you are interested in getting a leaflet on how to take care of your teeth with a list of foods with hidden sugars in email us at [email protected]

Also, you can take advantage of our invitation to you for a FREE Consultation and call us on 01992 552115 to book now.

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Gum Disease is caused by a build-up of the bacteria which live in the plaque and tartar on your teeth. The harmful chemicals produced by the bacteria irritate your gums causing them to bleed.

If you don’t remove plaque every day, you may find that your gums become swollen and red and that they bleed easily when you brush your teeth. 


Gum disease is a common cause of tooth loss in adult patients. At our practices, our prime concern is for our patients to have a healthy mouth with good levels of oral hygiene.

Detection of Gum Disease Gum problems are mostly painless, and patients are often not aware that gum disease is present. The main causes of gum disease are plaque and tartar deposits around the teeth and gums.