Defy Ageing with a New Smile Makeover

A fantastic new study conducted by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has made some interesting revelations. They have discovered that your smile can actually be your greatest asset! Also, it can be one feature of your ageing self that can defy the natural regression. What makes a person’s smile look youthful and full of vitality? If you want to look 10 years younger your smile could be your secret key.


Smile Makeover from Perfect Smile 2017

Why is your perfect smile so important?

It is now possible for your smile to remain attractive and always create a great first impression. Hence, your smile becomes your key to ageing well and influencing others. The more flawless it is the better.

This can help in getting jobs, in your career and in relationships. It can also help in inter-personal skills such as negotiating due to the positive impression you are able to create.

According to the research, nearly half (45%) of people think that their smile is an extremely important aspect and can help to slow down the aging appearance.

This is especially true if it’s your perfect smile i.e. one that designed to suit your face. Also, a whopping 80% stated that they would invest in things if it would maintain their youthful appearance. Not only this but they were more willing to spend money on their teeth as opposed to other self-improvements such as weight-loss.

48% people claimed the smile to be the most memorable feature after they have met someone. This is even more than the first thing a person says.

Aspects of your mouth that make your smile or smile makeover look 10 years younger include:

smile makeover 1


When creating a beautiful smile makeover there are 3 parts to the equation:

  1. The dentist and his/her ability, skill, technical know-how, talent and passion.
  2. The ceramist and his/her ability, skill, technical know-how, talent and passion.
  3. The Patient i.e. you and your requirements, needs and the way you want to look.

However, there is one secret key to the success of the resulting smile makeover and that is the quality of the communication which occurs between all three people. The fundamental one thing that allows this communication to be of much superior quality and is very often the secret to the perfection of the smile makeover produced is the ‘Trial Smile’. We have created a special assessment program called Smiles2SuitU. This allows us to create a customized smile makeover that suits your face and is very natural looking. It will instantly have an anti-ageing effect on you since it will complement your personality and face.

Take advantage of this research information highlighting the importance people place on your smile. Great smiles are no longer the realm of celebrities and the rich and famous. Personalised smile makeover can be created that marry with all types of budgets, requirements and needs.

We can help with:

Most common questions:

  • How long will my teeth be?
  • Will I like them?
  • Will they suit me?
  • Will I be able to eat comfortably?

For this reason at The Perfect Smile Studios, we make sure that the Trial Smile is your perfect smile. Dr Bloom spends a great deal of time perfecting this stage of tooth veneers. Click here for results.

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The beauty industry is booming with beauty products, hair treatments, and clothing styles together with accessories to make people look 10 years younger. TV programmes such as Extreme Makeover UK, 10 Years Younger, How To Look Good Naked, Gok’s Fashion Fix, are alight with popularity fueled by the desire of people to regain lost youth.

However, one area commonly overlooked is how dentistry advancements now contribute to recapturing past youth and vitality.


A great looking smile with healthy teeth tends to reverse the appearance of aging. Studies show that 50% of people seek out cosmetic dentistry because they know that it will make them look younger.

There are many benefits to aesthetic dentistry that can be anti-aging. The results of smile enhancements have been so impressive that many have referred to cosmetic dental treatments as “dental facelifts!”