27% Of Brits Want To Improve Their Smile & With Perfect Smile Studios It’s Even Easier

Having a beautiful, bright smile can help people feel good about themselves and boost their confidence significantly. Which explains why our aim is to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your new smile. There will be a dental treatment suitable for you, visit our W1 clinic in London and find out more.

Improving low self esteem

On the other hand, however, people who are unhappy with crooked or stained teeth tend to be more insecure and have lower self-esteem. See: Before & After Crooked Teeth.

These sentiments are reflected in the findings from a recent survey that measured Britons’ perception of their smiles and how they affected their attitude. Stained teeth can be solved through procedures such as teeth whitening. Click here.

The truth about Britain’s smiles

The poll, carried out by dental brand Invisalign, revealed that 27% of British adults were unhappy with their smiles and as many as three-quarters of respondents said that their confidence would improve if their smile looked better. Improving your smile can be done through our smile makeover treatment. Read more.

Of those who were not satisfied with their smiles, 44% admitted that it affected their confidence. Moreover, one in ten people stated that their smile had a negative effect on their relationships.

Being unhappy with their smiles can also make everyday tasks seem less enjoyable for Britons. More than two-thirds of those who dislike their smiles stated that they felt so bad about them they never smiled in photos, with men slightly more conscious of this than women.

About 34% of men say they doctor every selfie they take to make their smile look better, compared to 13% of women, the poll revealed.

First impressions matter

A smile can often be the first thing someone notices about a person and the importance of a first impression is critical for our perception of an individual.

This is why oral and dental care is crucial for people to invest time and energy into, according to dental professionals at the British Dental Health Foundation. See: Dental Services.

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