What are restorative dental services?

Restorative dental work

These are any treatments that are used to restore teeth and gums back to health. It often involves replacing or rebuilding teeth or their surrounding support structure back to its original or even better appearance. See Bupa Dental Cover for Private and NHS Patients: Is It Right for You?

Restorative treatments are not only aimed at cosmetics though, they also serve the purpose of making those teeth structurally supported and protected. Deficiencies can occur in all aspects of the mouth including the teeth, gums, bone and jaws. Repair your teeth today.

Restorative dentistry is aimed at conserving; protecting, improving and rebuilding these areas back to health and proper functioning.

Areas where restorative dentistry facilitates include:

  • Teeth can be restored using fillings, veneers and crowns. Any treatment that rebuilds the tooth back to its original morphology will be a Restorative Treatment. There are a variety of materials that can be used to restore teeth back to health and function. These include amalgam, composite, porcelain, metal-ceramic and gold alloys. The choice of which to choose is dependent upon the specific requirements of the patients, the conditions in the mouth and the patient’s budget.
  • Missing Teeth. Any treatment that replaces missing teeth is essentially restoring that space back to its original functioning. Teeth are needed to meet the dynamics of chewing and speaking. Missing teeth hinder this is various ways. By replacing the missing teeth we are restoring the chewing, eating and speaking functions of the mouth. Do you need to replace your teeth?
  • When a tooth has been lost or when a tooth has sustained heavy infection then the gums may have receded away. This often leaves an unsightly area of the mouth with the gum dipping away or the tooth looking longer than it should exposing the vulnerable root surface. In these instances, we would look at replacing the lost gum. This could either be by using a gum graft or by using both gum and bone graft. A combination of gum and bone grafting surgery would be used in situations where much underlying bone has also been lost.
  • When bone has been lost over the years, usually due to infection or loss of teeth, then in most cases we can restore that part of the mouth back to health, function and aesthetics. This can be done using gum and bone grafting where artificial or the patient’s own bone is used to implant into the deficient area, ineffective rebuilding that area.
  • In rare cases the jaws may also need to be restored back to health and function using various types of surgical and non-surgical techniques using specific appliances.


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If you feel that any part of your teeth, mouth and smile is not as it should be, then please take advantage of our complimentary consultations where we will be able to discuss various treatment possibilities with you.

We have a huge gallery of before and after cases of people we have treated over the last 25 years. This will give you a better understanding of how Restorative Services can help you.

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