Reasons why people HATE Dentists

The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute has carried out some research into why people hate the dentist. We have found some useful and enlightening results. As a consequence we have re-checked all our protocols and processes within our practice to make sure that you are able to achieve your goals and have a great positive experience by eliminating these fears and hates.

We have literally given The Perfect Smile Studios & Institute an Extreme Makeover so that our patients are able to have the extreme makeover they want without it feeling so extreme.


The key reasons we discovered why people hate the dentist are:

1. The needle or the injection. This is the most common fear and it prevents many people from receiving the care they need to get back to health.

GOOD NEWS: You can now have dentistry done WITHOUT using injections/needles or anesthetics. There are primarily two reasons for this:

a) The advent of specialist Laser Dentistry allows for treatments to occur without any anesthesia.

b) Dr. Doshi at The Perfect Smile Studios carries out NO PREPARATION Veneer treatments like ULTRATHIN Veneers that require no drilling or any injections. This means you can have dentistry work in an easy relaxed way with no pain and no discomfort.

2. The Drill. Many people hate the grind and noise of the dentists drill and it conjures up images of sadistic torture devices.

GOOD NEWS: Laser dentistry and No Preparation Veneer work means that you no longer have to suffer the dentist drill.

3. The Pain. Sometimes pain management is critical in dealing with your symptoms effectively.

GOOD NEWS: Dentistry has made some good advancement to overcome this hatred:

a) Special Injection tools and techniques. We have worked hard to stay current with all the latest advances in dentistry. One area of advancement is in pain management. We employ special pain-elimination techniques and special innovative tools to aneathetise your teeth. This means that you have absolutely no pain. Also, our care team understands your anxieties and we do not proceed with any treatment unless you are absolutely comfortable. All patients are given a hand-held buzzer to notify everyone to STOP. This means our patients are always in total control.

b) Prevention. This means not having any pain to begin with and this in turn means having a healthy stable mouth. It is our number one goal to ensure that the mouths of all our patients are primarily healthy and stable. We can then work on aesthetic dentistry and other build-up and functional work. This means that you no longer have to endure painful visits to the dentist.

4. The anxiety. This is a common feeling associated with dentists in particular. There is a sense of dread and nervousness about going to the dentist it tends to put us on edge. Even if there is no associated pain we still fear the worse.

GOOD NEWS: We understand that many people feel this way. For this reason we have created a few processes in our practice to help eliminate this anxiety:

a) We have highly experienced Patient Care Coordinators who spend time with you to first properly understand your anxieties and then to alleviate them.

b) We have a patient counselor that helps using cognitive methods and is someone you can talk to prior to any treatment.

c) We have a specialist Anaesthetists who carries out any sedation that you may need in order to have dentistry done. It is a great option that helps to alleviate anxiety.

d) Our specialists and dental clinicians are experienced in dealing with anxious patients and thus have a great chairside manner. No treatment or anything will be done without prior explanation and your full understanding and agreement.

e) Every member of our team can spend Time with you. This is not always possible in many practices but we have made it our Number 1 priority.

f) We have an available hypnotherapist that can help reduce anxiety and dental phobia.

5. The sounds and smells. Dental practices often ‘smell’ like surgeries and that lets our imaginations run wild. We start conjuring up all sorts of images of torture again linked to that antiseptic uninviting smell and sounds. All we want to do is escape them. They bring alight our past memories.

GOOD NEWS: At The Perfect Smile Studios you will instantly notice a difference. We have created a relaxing spa-type environment with soothing music and calming aromatherapy oils burning in the background. We have a dedicated relaxation lounge where you can relax before and after treatment in a sensually attractive place. You will not feel like you are in a dental practice and you will feel confident and relaxed with us. We want to make dentistry possible for you not an inhibition.

6. The telling off. Life has a way of taking over and many of us are extremely busy people working, raising families and meeting expectations. The last thing we need as adults is a “lecture” about why we aren’t taking care of our teeth from our dentist! Also, we do not want to be made to feel guilty or embarrassed about the condition of our mouth. We just want to be taken care of.

GOOD NEWS: We at The Perfect Smile Studios understand this. You will not be given a lecture or a telling-off in our studio. All we do is try to understand your requirements of us. We want to know your dental needs so then we can do everything in our ability to help you and exceed your expectations. We specialise is customised individual dental programs. You will be treated in a manner that meets your every expectation and more.

7. The bad memories.

GOOD NEWS: We can’t wipe out your past experiences or change them but we can make sure that your future experience are amazing. We can also use hypnotherapy and special cognitive behavioural techniques to help “cope” with uncomfortable thoughts and perceived situations. Often it is just a case of TLC and someone that actually listens to your concerns and then acts upon them in the way that you want without trying to impose any situation upon you. We at The Perfect Smile Studios understand this and have a great deal of experience in dealing with patients that are nervous. You will find your dentist London, Hertfordshire & Essex at The Perfect Smile Studios a completely different experience.

What we want as patients are possible viable solutions with positive emotional outcomes. We at The Perfect Smile Studios & Institute have gone to great lengths to make this possible for you. We want you to have an amazing experience.

We have a range of services including clear orthodontic braces, dental implants, no preparation veneers and traditional smile designs to name a few. You will find no matter which service you require you will be in safe hands.

Call us now on 01992 552115 to book in for a consultation.

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