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Many people believe that mouthwashes, flossing, and toothpaste will literally ‘wash away their dental problems”. Unfortunately, they don’t. They cannot fix problems that are much deeper.

Mouthwashes simply help and assist to maintain oral health. They are auxiliary aids taking your cleaning to a higher level but in order for it to be most effective a baseline level of proper tooth brushing and flossing should exist.

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In our dentist clinic , as part of our oral health care team we have dental  hygiene therapists and a specialist periodontist. Click here.

Hygiene therapists are more qualified and have more experience than hygienists. They are also able to carry out a greater number of treatments including local aesthetics, radiographs, and simple fillings.

The dental hygiene therapists at The Perfect Smile Studios can help you to develop a good sound oral hygiene program at home and they can maintain and improve your level of health with lots of tips and techniques. Check them out.

Oral hygiene is just as important to form your beautiful smile

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we take the health of your mouth very seriously since we believe it forms the foundation of beautiful looking teeth that function as they should. Also, gum disease has now been linked to numerous health disorders like Alzheimer’s, Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes. We want to help you prevent such conditions, discover the treatments.

Perceived as part of embarrassing bodies, unattractive smiles, dark looking stained teeth and broken teeth can lead to other kinds of emotional pains which just simply can’t be washed away.

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They require more involved and complex treatments. Luckily for new revolutionary treatments such as no preparation veneers, six-month smiles, laser dentistry and bonding techniques, all is not lost and great results are achievable at affordable prices. Your questions answered. We have a great team and a very comfortable environment. You will feel relaxed and totally at ease. Find out about us.

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At the Perfect Smile Studios, our highly trained warm-hearted team are there to welcome you and ensure your every comfort. We want to alleviate any anxieties and surpass your expectations at every level.

With practices in West London, Harley Street, and Hertfordshire we cover all of London and the home counties including Essex.