Millions Of Brits Ignore Key Rules For Healthy Teeth

According to a new survey from the British Dental Health Foundation, as many as seven million people in the UK regularly forget to brush their teeth and around one in five Britons fail to floss.

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The poll was part of the National Smile Month campaign run by the British Dental Health Foundation, which was established in 1976 and aims to educate British consumers on the benefits of taking good care of their oral and dental health.

Another alarming conclusion from the study was the fact that overall, attitudes towards oral hygiene have not improved over the past two years. Research from 2011 showed similar results. Back then, 28% said they did not brush their teeth at least once a day and 15% admitted they did not clean them for more than 48 hours.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, commented that these findings were surprising because they revealed a huge proportion of the UK adult population ignored even the most basic oral hygiene care.

People should know that skipping brushing their teeth in the morning or evening is a serious risk for future problems, such as gum disease or tooth decay the biggest cause of tooth loss, he added.

Three key rules for good oral hygiene:

  1. Brushing teeth twice a day for at least two minutes
  2. Reducing their intake of sugary food and drinks
  3. Paying regular visits to the dentist

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