Eat Well for Your Oral Health


You’re probably aware that eating too much sugar can have a negative impact on your teeth, but did you know that certain foods actually benefit your beautiful smile?

In fact, there are many simple ways to take even better care of your teeth, simply through what you eat and drink.

Follow these guidelines for great health:

  1. Pay Attention to “Good” Sugars and “Bad Sugars:” The evidence is overwhelming when it comes to sugars and your diet: sugars are the single most important dietary factor in the development of tooth decay. Sugars found in fruit and whole grains have not been shown to produce cavities. Stay away from things like soda and candy, which have an excess of free sugars.
  2. Eat Your Grains: Staple starchy foods, such as rice, potatoes, and bread, have a lower likelihood of producing tooth decay than sugar. However, when sugars are added to starchy foods, as is the case with sugar cereals and sweet treats, the probability of cavities increases by a significant amount. Your best bet? Eating starches that are less refined, like whole grains, which actually have properties that help to protect teeth will be better for your oral health. Since these foods require more chewing, when you eat them, you’re stimulating the production of protective saliva.
  3. Go Green: Just as vegetables are important for your overall health, they are also helpful in preserving your oral health. They are fibrous and protect your teeth by stimulating saliva.
  4. Be Cheesy: If you must eat a sugar snack, you should follow it up with a hunk of cheese. Why? Well, when you consume sugar, the bacteria in the mouth break down the sugar and produces acids. These acids essentially eat at your teeth demineralizing the tooth surface and eventually creating cavities. Believe it or not, when you eat cheese, it gets rid of any increase in acidity. Cheese, like vegetables, stimulates saliva. It’s also rich in calcium, so it can help restore the loss of calcium from your teeth.

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