Dental Veneers To Create Your Perfect Smile

The Fastest Way To Get Your Perfect Smile

Regardless of how well we take care of our teeth, not all of us are blessed with the white and shiny smiles of Hollywood stars.

Thanks to the developments of dental surgery over the past years, however, most cosmetic issues with our smiles can be remedied. FAQs: your common asked questions answered.straight one

Comfortable, unnoticeable & affordable

Putting a thin layer of ceramics, known as dental veneers, over your crooked or stained teeth can give you a complete dental smile makeover.

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They are cemented to the front of the teeth, meaning that they provide the aesthetic qualities patients are looking for.

Veneers are a suitable solution not just for people whose teeth are naturally imperfect, but also for people whose teeth have worn down. See the treatment process.

Veneers can be the secret to a great smile

Ultrathin Veneers, Durathin Veneers and Lumineers involve no drilling and no injections since no tooth is being cut.

There are three types of veneers that dentists most frequently use. The first type is composite veneers.

These are made of composite resin and can be fitted in a single visit to the dentist.

The resin is the same colour as the natural teeth, so composite veneers create a very natural-looking smile.

It is important to know that this type of veneers are prone to cracking when eating hard foods, but are also quite easy to repair.

Ultrathin veneers are a great option of dental veneers. Take a look.

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The second type of veneers that dentists often use is palatal veneers.

As the name suggests, they are added to the palate side of the teeth and can be made of composite or porcelain, but are most often constructed out of gold.

An instant perfect smile with porcelain veneers

The third category of veneers, and probably the most popular, is porcelain veneers. They are very thin layers of porcelain placed on the tooth surface.

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They need time to be constructed, so several visits to the dentist are usually required.

However, they are also very durable and stronger than other types of veneers. Read more.

Types of veneers we offer:

Advantages & Benefits

  • Creates a stable and healthy oral foundation
  • Improves imperfections and the mouth’s hygiene and condition
  • Fixes and corrects crooked chipped and worn teeth
  • Our happy patients often describe the procedure as pain-free
  • Stain and coffee resistant
  • Natural-looking
  • Whitens and brightens the teeth
  • Gum tissues bond well with porcelain veneers

Discover the disadvantages here.

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