Britons Find Bad Breath More Concerning Than Overall Dental Health

Brush Your Teeth for Optimum Dental Health

Brushing your teeth regularly is one of the most important habits you can develop and should be taught to everyone in early childhood. Teach your children to care for their teeth for long term health benefits.

Most people are aware of the importance of oral hygiene for our overall health, but a recent survey carried out suggests that one in six Britons fail to take basic care of their teeth by skipping brushing, Female First reported.

More than half of those that skipped brushing said they simply forgot to do it and resorted to other means to freshen their breath, such as using mouthwash or chewing gum.

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Even more worryingly, as many as 28% stated that they did not brush their teeth because they “couldn’t be bothered,” and close to two in three of those surveyed also claimed they were not self-conscious about it, the survey found.

Peter Gregg, director of, said that one of the `most interesting findings in the study was the fact that people were not worried about the dental health problems associated with poor dental care, but about how other people would perceive their bad breath. A large proportion of those who skip brushing say others have commented on their bad breath.

While the occasional lapse in regular teeth brushing is not very likely to lead to any problems if proper care is taken in general, persistently ignoring oral hygiene can have serious consequences, experts warn.

Apart from developing dental cavities, poor dental care could also result in gum disease, which is a contributing factor for the development of a series of health complications – including heart disease.

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You have an impeccable daily cleaning routine, but still, you notice people shying away from you mid-conversation.

Since your morning brush, rinse and floss, you may have unknowingly consumed the perfect concoction of food and drink that can lead to bad breath.


Bad breath can be a very embarrassing problem and although it is rather obvious among others, it can hard to recognise in ourselves.

However, even if you do have it, it is not very common for your friends or relatives to let you know you do, as they are afraid they might hurt your feelings. Click here for five things to prevent bad breath.


Many studies show that bad breath, also known as halitosis, is the third most frequent reason for visits to the dentist — only behind cavities and gum disease.

Understanding the causes and treatment of halitosis is the first step toward avoiding the embarrassment that often accompanies bad breath.

How many people suffer from bad breath? Researchers estimate that about 50% of middle-aged and older adults have intolerable breath odors.