Dr Rahul Doshi was awarded for his outstanding contribution to dentistry in March 2017 at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards.

Dr Rahul Doshi is the vice-president, and Dr David Bloom is the past president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD).

“We are happy to announce that dentist Dr Rahul Doshi is a member of the Board of Directors, that Dr David Bloom is the Past President and that Dr Sam Jethwa is the Chair for Young Membership for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD)”

The BACD is a key dental organisation where dentists, their teams and dental laboratory technicians come together for advanced education to improve and enhance the standards of clinical excellence in the UK today.

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factors that contribute to achieving the perfect smile

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A skilled and experienced dentist

The skills, knowledge and experience of your dentist are of vital importance when it comes to achieving your perfect smile. At The Perfect Smile we pride ourselves on only hiring the best possible dentists, and we will recommend you a dentist whose experience best suits your needs.

At the Perfect Smile Studios, our dentists customise and personalise their aesthetic designs and styles and/or health programs to suit your individual needs and requirements.

A skilled and experienced laboratory partner

It is essential for any elective treatments dentist to work with a ceramist or laboratory technician who understands them.

These partnerships form the foundation of our success in meeting your objectives, so it is important that the dentist and laboratory technician have a good partnership.

We have many successful partnerships with ceramists and laboratory technicians so we know these partnerships work well.

A skilled and experienced team

A caring and friendly team forms the essence of patient comfort and healing.

It is paramount that the entire team works in a coordinated fashion so that our patient’s treatment is as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Our team is always on hand to make sure your dental treatment is comfortable.

Innovative & advanced dental materials, products, systems, and techniques

There are now many combinations of treatments that fall under the banner of dentistry.

It is important that our solutions make dentistry more comfortable for patients, “enhancing the aesthetics of smiles and ensure that new smiles last of as long as possible.”

Dr. Rahul Doshi aims to use his position at the BACD to further the aims of the establishment using his knowledge, skills, and passion for all dentistry.

He would like to promote ethical aesthetics and advanced skills to the dental profession so that we can raise the standards of non-essential dentistry delivered in the UK.


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Private Dentistry Awards

Dr Bhavna Doshi and Dr. Rahul Doshi apart from being recognized internationally as renowned speakers, also work as judges for the UK National Private Dentistry Awards. They have immense standing within UK dentistry.

This has been a very rewarding area of their work and has allowed them to interact with opinion leaders in dentistry, directly impacting the profession.

Both Drs’ Doshi feel that they can help raise the standards of care provided by the dental profession by actively participating in processes such as working on the judging panel for the National Private Dentistry Awards.

Being in a position to judge the performance and standards of care provided by some of Britain’s best has been a humbling experience.

However, it also gives them invaluable insights into how dentistry is evolving in the profession with regards to customer service, technologies, and innovations. Also, it allows them to keep a finger on the pulse with respect to how dentists are being perceived.

There are still a proportion of people out there that feel anxious regarding their dental care and do not like visiting the dentist. Though we understand these fears, this can be detrimental to their health. Read more about overcoming dental anxiety here.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, Drs’ Doshi has worked hard to eliminate these fears and anxieties. Our dentists feel that it is their responsibility as dental professionals to help patients with these issues.

Dr Bhavna and Rahul Doshi say:

“To be cutting edge, you must always face new frontiers in dentistry. Interacting with dental professionals helps us understand dentists’ needs and requirements. We aim to help our profession by working as Professional Speakers and teaching at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute. Working as Private Dentistry judges add that additional dimension to the ways we can help,”

invisalign -platinum provider


Dr Bhavin Bhatt is highly experienced with Invisalign and is a Platinum provider, which means he is highly experienced in all aspects of Invisalign treatment.

As well as being experienced in all varieties of orthodontics (having treated over 10,000 cases across 3 continents and 3 countries), Dr Mohammed Almuzian is an Invisalign-trained dentist.

The Perfect Smile Studios has a unique foundational knowledge that allows for treatment to be minimally invasive and comfortable. Please click here for further information on Invisalign.

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premium practice dentistry (ppd) publication

Premium Practice Dentistry (PPD)

Helping the industry increase its standards of care has been an integral part of both Dr Rahul and Dr Bhavna Doshi’s work in their profession for the last 20 years.

They have both been recognized for their experience and dedication, setting them up as valued opinion leaders in the profession.

Dr. Doshi’s clinical editorship of PPD has created a sound foundation of continual interaction with industry experts who strive towards improving innovation, technology, and dental techniques.

This, in turn, has established a high focus on patient care and choice within their own practice elevating the Perfect Smile Studios to one of the leading practices in the UK.

Please click here to view some articles written by Dr. Rahul Doshi in PPD and other dental journals.

Dr David Bloom has been on the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Dentistry and the Editorial Board for the official journal of the BACD.

Dr. Mohammed Almuzian has now published over 25 research publications and many clinical audits on a variety of aspects of Orthodontics and has written various invaluable written thesis to his name, in addition supervising thesis of other undergraduates.

international and national lecturers

Ultrathin Veneers

Dr Doshi’s passion within dentistry has culminated in his minimally invasive and highly conservative technique of Ultrathin veneers.

He had worked closely with his ceramist to create extremely thin contact lens-type porcelain veneers that produce a youthful luminosity to teeth.

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