Why is it important to have braces?

Importance of Braces

There are many benefits to brace treatment and any other orthodontic teeth straightening treatments. We design and carry out all our brace treatments at our Hertford practice.

They include the following:

Improved Confidence.

Teeth that are well aligned also provide a level of cosmetic enhancement. The more involved and detailed the treatment the better the resulting cosmetics.

This also tends to improve a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence contributing to your overall wellness.

If you look good you tend to feel good too. In adults, this is the main reason why they seek out orthodontic teeth straightening treatments.

Better Cleaning.

When teeth are aligned so that they are not rotated or crooked in any way it makes it easier to clean the teeth. Straight teeth tend not to have hard to reach places between the teeth. They can also be easily cleaned with a toothbrush and floss. Repair your teeth today.

It is more difficult and requires more aids to clean crooked and misaligned teeth. Teeth that are easier to clean tends not to get as much gum disease and dental decay, which means you are more likely to keep your teeth for longer.

Better Bite.

When teeth are in the correct position, more often than not, the way your top teeth and bottom teeth work with each other tends to be in a more harmonious way. Your bite tends to be more stable.

This is important so that you do not apply disruptive forces to your teeth which can fracture or wear away your teeth.

Your upper front teeth play a major role in “guiding” the lower front teeth when eating and chewing. This means that your top and bottom front teeth are important in how your jaws work during your dynamic chewing movements.

When there is no ‘guiding” element (as in when the front teeth are not correctly aligned) then your back teeth take the brunt of all this pressure.

This can cause fractures or excessive tooth wear in your back teeth. These situations then require other treatments to correct them. The more extensive the problem then the more complex will be the treatment to correct the condition.

Less Invasive Treatment.

Teeth that are cosmetically improved with orthodontics tend to have less of an invasive approach since there is no tooth cutting involved. This makes brace treatment a great option in terms of long-term conservation and preservation of natural tooth tissue. We can straighten your teeth.

An alternative choice would be veneers, but this option involves some degree of tooth preparation to accommodate the veneer material. Albeit these days we can provide minimal preparation extremely thin veneers. Regardless orthodontic treatment is less invasive.

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