The Perfect Smile

The perfect smile

The perfect smile is a personal perception. For this reason, one person’s perfect smile is completely unique and different from another person’s interpretation of a perfect smile.

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The term “perfect smile’ has become our inspiration

The term “perfect smile” has inspired our work and the smiles we create. we have even named our practice after this term when we first started this journey of helping people feel good about their smiles.

However, we feel we should define what we mean when we use this term and talk about a perfect smile. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect smile. 

However, we do believe that there is a specific perfect smile that is perfect for every individual.

Our Definition of The Perfect Smile:

“This is a smile that obeys the guidelines of smile design however is uniquely constructed to marry with the face in such a way that creates a harmoniously balanced perception. It also needs to function without traumatic occlusal (bite) interferences.”

What the perfect smile means

Our aim has always been to construct and design a smile that suits.

This inevitably leads to the creation of an end result that is very natural looking in shape, form and function. In our experience in the practice and at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute, we have found that patients know the look that they want to achieve but don’t quite know all the intricacies that make up a final look that actually suits them. 

Simply copying a specific look of a smile doesn’t always result in a compatible end smile. Often many patients bring in photographs and magazine cuttings to explain the type of smiles that they would like to obtain.

On further observation of these smile pictures, it is easy to understand the essence of the smile the patient wants. There are certain features that make all smiles look good. 

For example, if the incisal edges of the upper front teeth follow the lower lip line, it creates an illusion of a pleasant smile. However, if these teeth are too long the illusion is compromised and the smile is elongated. 

On certain patients it may work, on others, particularly if they have a short round face, it would look disharmonious.

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Creating the perfect smile

Creating the ultimate aesthetics in smile design is about integrating the interfaces between face, lips, gums and teeth. It’s about designing teeth to work into the combined cosmetic effects of the entire facial system.

We feel that our professional role as the cosmetic dentist should be to assimilate the interpretation of what constitutes a perfect smile in our patient’s mind. Then use the information collected in combination with the cosmetic smile design guidelines to create a perfect smile that suits. This has always been our main objective.

Hence we have worked on and design techniques that can be used to do just that.

This has been the concept behind Smile2SuitU. Your perfect smile can be a Natural Smile, a Hollywood Smile or simply just unique and perfect for you. At Perfect Smile Studios, we have established a unique process of assessment whereby we are able to determine your precise requirements and then use this information to establish a specific smile design to create your perfect smile. The protocols that we use combine innovation, aesthetic principals, minimally invasive concepts and our passion for great results. This is how we are successful in achieving your perfect smile.

There are certain features that most people look for in a smile

The idea of a ‘perfect smile’ comes down to personal perception. Our job is to offer you a treatment that can help you achieve a smile that leaves you feeling happy and confident. Whether that is a discreet, natural-looking smile or a dazzling white celebrity smile or something in between – our leading dentists can make this happen.

  1. Top teeth are often more important than bottom teeth. In fact, we do not really tend to see much of the bottom teeth at all.
  2. The size of the teeth. The front teeth should be the largest and the teeth on either side of them gradually reduce in size from front to back.
  3. Tooth Shade and Colour. Finding a shade of “white” that works for you is important. One method is to match teeth with the whites of the eyes.
  4. Tooth texture and lustre. Finding the correct texture and lustre that works for you is important. Smooth, glossy smiles are said to be more Hollywood, and teeth with texture and less gloss are thought to be more natural-looking.
  5. Straight teeth. Straightness or the evenness of the teeth is another important aspect of any smile. In most cases, the straighter, the better.
  6. Healthy Gums. The gum colour and health form the background to the teeth and are an important facet of a smile
  7. Lips. The shape, symmetry and thickness of your lips form the curtain to the teeth and gums, so are also an important facet of a smile

According to Wikipedia, ’ A smile seems to have a favourable influence upon others and makes one likeable and more approachable’ so when creating a smile our aim is to be congruent with our mission statement Changing Lives ~ Exceeding Expectations.

We use the latest digital imaging software to design your smile

To create your ideal smile we go through a process of understanding you as a person , your character, and your personality. We also want to understand in detail the desired result that you are looking for. We do this through a 2-step discovery consultation: one with the treatment co-ordinator and the other with the dentist. We often spend about 1-2 hours with you during these two important steps.

We prioritise creating the perfect smile specifically designed for you, since the same set of teeth may look different on different people. Often many patients bring in photographs and magazine cuttings to explain the type of smiles that they would like to obtain. This is a great place to start the discussion, but we then move forward to incorporate the features you like into your own smile – in a way that suits you.

We combine innovation, aesthetic principals, minimally invasive procedures and our passion for great results when doing this type of work. This is how we are successful in achieving your new smile.

It is vital and important that you are also involved in the artistic planning. We ensure you have full control; so in many treatment options you are able to preview your smile. This feedback is invaluable in creating a smile that you desire.

Perfect smile treatment

How long will it take to get my new smile?

The duration of your treatment will depend on your selected treatment plan.

If you choose instant veneers, bonding, teeth whitening, for example, your brand new smile can be completed in just one appointment.

Smile Makeover treatment and dental veneers can take a few weeks to complete. More complex treatments like dental reconstruction and orthodontics can take a couple of weeks to several months.

How much will my smile cost?

The cost of your new teeth is calculated for each individual on a case by case basis. We take into account the dental work you need and the duration of your treatment. This will determine the complete Perfect Smile Price and Cost specially for your vision of your new smile.

There are many ways to pay for your smile makeover including 0% finance deals and low-cost monthly repayments with our competitive finance packages. Get a decision in seconds. Apply for finance here.

Take the perfect smile quiz

How close are you to achieving your new look smile? Click here to take The Perfect Smile Quiz and find out.

The parameters of a perfect smile include that the quiz will look at include

  1. The front teeth teeth ( central incisors ) should have a width: length ratio of 8.5: 10
  2. The dental midline should be coincidental to the facial midline; be vertical in orientation and not canted
  3. The incise edges of the upper front teeth (smile line) should be parallel to the line of the lower lip
  4. The gum line of the upper teeth should be symmetrical and even
  5. The gingival zenith (highest point of the gum line) should be off centre to the distal for the anterior front teeth
  6. The gingival zenith of the central incisor and canine should be at same height with the lateral incisor 0.5mm shorter
  7. The archform of the teeth should be smooth and even
  8. The upper teeth should have an axial alignment of 5 degrees to the facial midline
  9. The incisor embrasures between the front teeth should open up as we move towards the back teeth to a maximum of 90 degrees
  10. Proportion of width of the front six teeth should reflect the golden proportion ratio
  11. The buccal corridor should not be narrow
  12. The front surface of the teeth should be parallel to the face so that light is reflected and not deflected from this surface
  13. On saying the “e” sound the edges of the upper teeth should be halfway between the upper and lower lip

Smile Design

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