The Invisalign Process

The invisalign process

Discover the powerful Invisalign process: straighten teeth in less than 12 months

The entire process for Invisalign is incredibly straightforward and simple.

That’s what Invisalign was designed for; to straighten your smile in fewer steps, with less equipment in less time.

In just three stages and two appointments, you’ll receive your series of custom aligners that have been specifically created for your unique mouth and teeth shape.

why is it so quick?

  • Invisalign uses advanced dental technology
  • This initial stage allows the patient to see exactly how their smiles look now and how they will look once treatment has been completed – allowing us to make changes and amendments to suit our patient requirements
  • Invisalign take only a few weeks to design your custom aligners, which means treatment can begin up to three weeks after your initial consultation

the process from start to finish

Here, we’re going to break down each stage for you to get a better idea of how your Invisalign treatment is going to be approached here at The Perfect Smile.

your very first consultation

One of the most important steps in your Invisalign journey, one of our certified Invisalign doctors will sit with you, answer any of your pressing questions, and learn your specific requirements.

This stage is also crucial for us to explore your bite or overcrowding teeth issue, which will allow us to study your mouth, its shape, and the problems your misalignment is causing you.

From here, we will be able to gather accurate results that we can send to the Invisalign lab to create your results.

Be aware of the limits

We’ve treated many Invisalign cases and have yet to come across one we could not tackle.

Again, this consultation is also important to see if the treatment is suitable for your condition.

Whilst Invisalign is effective at treating a wide variety of bite problems like overbites, underbites, crossbites, and overjet, and is rated highly for its discreet properties, it can have its limitations.

For example, severe bite candidates with particular classifications of malocclusion will likely need to consider stronger tooth straightening treatments, or in some cases jaw surgery.

Therefore, this initial consultation is to provide you with realistic expectations and will allow you as a patient to understand exactly what we can and cannot do.

Pay For Invisalign Monthly With 0% Finance

Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended cosmetic treatments have left thousands of patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and how their smile functions.

We run specific promotions like additional discounted treatments and sometimes free procedures to complete your finished smile. For example, did you know that your clear aligner trays can also be used to whiten your teeth?

Next, we’ll send our results to the lab to manufacture your aligners

Using advanced technology in the first stage allows our orthodontists to provide improved and faster treatment times.

Once you are happy to pursue the treatment, we are able to immediately send your digital

We can upload your results immediately, which saves time for waiting for post and mail to arrive.

And from here, this is where you leave everything to us!

Within just a few days, we should receive a mockup of how your teeth will look like during each stage of the movement, which our orthodontist will review and approve.

Once this has been approved then the lab begins to craft your custom clear aligners, which will be delivered to our practice upon completion – this process can take up to three weeks.

on your way to a correctly aligned smile

Once your aligners have arrived at our dental office, we will call you back in to fit them for you. We’ll apply attachments to your teeth, which are non-visible that will just ensure a very secure fit for when you wear your aligners.

Once you’re all set and ready, you will be able to return home with your first several trays that include all the information you need to care for them and progress with your treatment.

The aligners will need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day and can be taken out to brush, floss, eat and drink.

It is likely that every two to three weeks that you will swap out your aligners for your next set. This is because your teeth will begin to move gradually.

Some patients experience slight discomfort when trying on their new sets, but this is only whilst they are getting used to it.

Let the magic begin

The differences you will begin to see in your teeth within just a few weeks into your treatment are amazing.

This is what makes Invisalign exciting.

Depending on your bite severity and what is planned with your dentist in the initial consultation stage, the length of your treatment can vary.

Some patients wear Invisalign for three months, whereas some patient treatments can take up to a year.

the payment process

the payment process

  1. Beginning with your initial consultation, you will get time with the Invisalign treatment coordinator and the orthodontist, who will discuss the packages you would like to pursue and if there are any additional treatments like teeth whitening that you would like to run alongside your treatment. This consultation is charged because of the digital imagery we take of your teeth and how it is used to draw up your dream smile.
  2. Once we send your files to the lab, a deposit of 10% is taken to secure the dentist’s time.
  3. When your trays arrive, you will be invited back in for your delivery appointment, where you will be required to pay the remaining balance.

You can pay for your treatment using 0% finance – calculate the cost here.

compare invisalign against other brace systems

ConsiderationsInvisalignTraditional Braces
DurationWorn 22 hours a day (3-12 months)Cemented 24/7 (18 months)
MaintenanceAligners need to be kept clean by brushing and rinsingBrush teeth whilst wearing braces and floss
AppointmentsInitial consultation, fitting appointment and reviewRegular visits to get braces tightened and final removal
AftercareRequires a retainerRequires a retainer
Ideal forChildren, teens and adultsComplex dental problems

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